Agriculture in Canada

Agriculture in Canada

Food is essential to our survival and provides us with the nutrients we need to grow, be active and stay healthy. It is also our medicine, and brings people together to celebrate, mourn, connect and communicate. In a very real sense, food is a universal language.

We also show love through food and learn about cultures, traditions and history through food. Think of a local holiday or social event and what comes to your mind? Probably some kind of food festival! How do we get all that food? Agriculture, of course.

Canadians are lucky to be one of the few world nations that grow more food than it needs. The rest gets exported to countries worldwide that don't have the same abundance of natural resources we do.

Canadian farmers provide an essential source of nutritious food for families across our country and around the world. Also see:

Canada's Agricultural Sector...

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> Ensures food security and supply chain stability in Canada

> Provides a global food supply at reasonable prices for those in need

> Critical for the livelihoods of Canadian farmers, millions of related jobs, and our economy 

> Encourages the mainstreaming of adaptation planning in Canada and elsewhere

> As the Canadian population and global populations expand, demand for Canadian agricultural products will likely increase.

Agriculture in Canada: Did You Know... 

Canada is a top 10 global producer of several agricultural products

> World food demand is set to grow 70% by 2050; Canada is one of a privileged few countries in the world that exports more food than it consumes (Michigan State University)

> Canadian agriculture sector takes food safety seriously; Canada ranks #1 in global food safety (GoC)

> Without modern farming practices, we would need 50% more land to grow the amount of food we do today (GoC)

> Canadian farmers love and care for their animals. They believe in astute animal care and follow nationally recognized codes of practice for the care and handling of their animals

Learn more about Canadian farmers and our agricultural sector below:

Canadian Agricultural Jobs & Economy

Canada is a top 5 global exporter of several agricultural products

> One-in-eight Canadians work in the agriculture and agri-food sector, employing over 2 million Canadians on farms, in processing plants, boardrooms, laboratories and beyond

> Canada's cattle and beef sector contributes $22 billion to our economy (GDP) annually and supports an estimated 347,000 jobs in Canada

> Canada is the #1 global producer and exporter of canola, which contributes more than $26 billion to the economy each year

> Canada is a top-five wheat exporter, with an average of $7 billion exported annually

> Canada is the world's third-largest exporter of pork, with nearly $4 billion of exports each year

> Without pesticide and plant science innovations, Canadians would have to pay 50% more for fresh veggies and fruit and 30% more for bread

> Canada’s bio-based economy is larger than our auto industry

Sources: Government of Canada, Agriculture & Agri-Foods Canada, Canadian Cattle Association

global food demand projected to increase 70% by 2050 - Michigan State University

Support Canadian Farmers!

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Canada Action's agriculture advocacy - or “Agvocacy” - promotes public and government support for farmers in the following ways:   

> Recognizes the role and accomplishments of farmers with respect to the economy at large

> Ensures continuing competitiveness of Canadian agricultural products in a world market

> Encourages investments that support continuous improvements in Canadian agricultural production

Agriculture in Canada is an integral part of the Canadian community and economy, supporting hundreds of thousands of families across our nation. With growing global demand for food and agricultural products increasing each year, we must continue to support agriculture innovation and growth in Canada.

Canadian farmers feed not just our families, but the world!

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