Resources for Kids

At Canada Action, we recognize the importance of having awareness and a general understanding of the importance of Canada’s natural resource industries. Replace with Students For Canada represents young adults, professionals, and students who are eager to engage in a balanced conversation about the importance of our natural resources. But we recognize that our natural resources also support a group of Canadians that we rarely mention - children! Canadian forestry, mining, agriculture, oil & gas, and more are all family businesses in that they provide a source of income and stability for families across the country. We appreciate the importance of communities that are built around natural resource development, and we will continue to support and advocate for them! 

It is critical that we promote a balanced and positive conversation around resource development, so that future generations may continue to develop Canada’s natural resources as the best in the world. Our children are our future, and we believe that an appreciation for the goods and services supplied by natural resources can begin at any age. 

Below you will find our Resource Activity Book, filled with coloring pages and word searches for kids of all ages to enjoy. 

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Check out our kids activity book here:

Download Resources for Kids Activity Book