How is Canada Action Funded? 

Canada Action is a grassroots, federally registered, not-for-profit movement built by volunteers in support of Canada’s vital natural resource sector and the families, communities and programs that depend on it across the country.

Our online merchandise store and our various retail pop-up stores generate revenue through coast-to-coast sales of our branded campaign items related to agriculture, oil, forestry, mining and other critical economic sectors.

Our donations come from a host of people and organizations across Canada who value, as we do, the social and economic benefits created by Canada's resource industry, as well as the sector’s strong commitment to world-class environmental stewardship, regulatory transparency and social standards.

Canada Action's supporters include Indigenous and non-Indigenous individuals, families, communities and groups, employees, contractors and suppliers, labour and management, entrepreneurs, sports teams and service organizations, as well as companies and associations across all subsectors of our natural resource industry from coast-to-coast.

Because we are a non-partisan organization, we do not accept funding from political parties. 

What We Do With Funds

Canada Action uses its funding to support rallies, events, media, merchandising and advertising campaigns. Funds collected from merchandise sales are used to build program awareness in new areas and communities.

If you are able to generously donate to our cause, we thank you in advance! Every dollar we collect helps us reach more Canadians across this country with our balanced, fact-based and non-partisan message!