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Who We Are

Canada Action is an entirely volunteer-led grassroots movement encouraging Canadians to take action and work together in support of our vital natural resources sector. We believe it’s critical to educate Canadians about the social and economic benefits provided by the resource sector and industry’s commitment to world-class environmental stewardship.

Our Campaigns

  • When it comes to prosecuting Trans Mountain protesters, Eby should DO HIS JOB

      Tell BC Attorney General David Eby that when anti-TransMountain Expansion protesters are charged with breaking our laws, they must be ...

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  • Tell the Alberta Teachers Association to Say NO to Berman

      Tell Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA) President Greg Jeffery that selecting anti-oil activist, and paid pipeline obstructionist Tzep...

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  • Say NO to Bill C-69

    The Federal Government is making it easier for foreign oil imports to enter Canada, while making it harder for Canadian fair trade oil to...

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  • Stand Up for the East Coast!

    Today I am urging you to help with an important petition. One we will send to the Premiers and Ministers of Energy in both Nova Scotia an...

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  • Tell The Government to Take the Middle Road

    It seems like everyday there’s a new attempt by activists to hurt Alberta’s competitiveness and to make unrealistic demands through lette...

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  • Suzuki Degree is an Insult to Alberta and Canadians

    Tell University of Alberta Chancellor Douglas Stollery and President and Vice-Chancellor David Turpin that granting David Suzuki an honor...

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In the Spotlight

  • Be Canadian First

    All Canadians should support our nation’s resource prosperity. So much of our high quality of life is funded by our valuable natural reso...

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  • Dear Premier Notley

    Committed opponents of oil sands must not have a seat on Advisory Group Dear Premier Notley, While we support your government’s action ta...

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WCS vs. WTI – What’s the Difference? A Big One for Canada…

If you follow the discussion on Canadian energy and the economy, chances are ...

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The Oil & Gas Industry is Active Across Canada

Did you know that 12 of the 13 provinces and territories in Canada have an ac...

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Canadian-centered campaigns, projects and actions.
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