Who are we?

Canada Action is an entirely volunteer-led grassroots movement encouraging Canadians to take action and work together in support of our vital industries, nation-wide.

  • Positive

    Canada Action advocates for positive and effective conversation about our natural resources.

  • Balanced

    Canada Action advocates for conversation that recognizes both sides of the discussion about natural resources.

  • Fact-Based

    Canada Action advocates for informed conversation that is based on the facts and truths about our natural resources.

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Our Campaigns

The agriculture and agri-food industry employs one out of every eight Canadians and is a global leader in agriculture equality. Canadian farmers feed Canada - we should be proud of all Canadian natural resources.

It’s time to have an informed conversation about emissions from Canada’s oil sands. As a top 10 oil exporter - Canada is a leader in environmental sustainability, social progress and responsible resource production. The world needs more Canadian energy.

Canadian LNG is a game changer for our continued commitment to protect the global environment. Canadian LNG has a clear environmental advantage and that will not only help reduce global emissions, but employ many people across Canada. LNG is good for Canada and the rest of the world.

Canada is a global mining leader! We help build, feed and power the world, all with the highest standards for responsible resource production. Without Canadian mining, we would not have many of the products we cannot live without!

Blocking Canadian pipelines does not help the global environment, instead it only redirects demand to other suppliers. Canada is a leader in responsible resource production and pipelines are the safest mode of energy transportation. Canada needs pipelines!

Canadian natural gas is produced to the highest standards on earth and will help lower global emissions. It is one of our many natural resources that places us as a leader in responsible natural resource development.

Canada is a global leader in sustainable forestry and wood product exports. Between 2005 and 2015, Canada’s forestry sector reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 49% and thousands of families have food on the table thanks to our responsible and sustainable forestry industry.

Of the world’s top 10 oil exporters Canada is a leader in climate action, renewables, clean tech, innovation, conservation & collaboration. As global energy demand continues to grow, the world needs more Canadian oil and gas!