Become a Resource Champion

Become a Resource Champion

We all benefit when we have an informed conversation about Canada’s natural resource industries. That’s why we must make sure we correct the misinformation that’s out there.

The families who work in these industries need a voice to stand up for their jobs and livelihoods. We believe we are stronger together. That’s why we are recruiting a volunteer group of “Resource Champions” who want to help set the record straight and stand up for Canadian families.

These Resource Champions will regularly be asked to help share positive, respectful, and fact-based information that promotes our responsibly developed resource industries. We will also ask you to add your name to various pledges to support important initiatives. Will you commit a few minutes every couple weeks to help us support Canadian natural resource industries? 

If you just sign up, we will send you regular updates with tasks that you can take to help us support Canadian families and communities. 

Please note, Canada Action is a respectful, positive, inclusive, fact driven and nonpartisan organization. We do not engage in activities that go against these principles. We ask that you keep that in mind and be respectful. You can view our full Terms of Use here.

Will you be a resource champion?