Young Canadians for Resources

Young Canadians for Resources

Young Canadians care about people. They care about prosperity. And they want a future that protects both.

Young Canadians for Resources (YCR) is Canada Action’s youth advocacy initiative, designed by students, for students who are passionate about activism toward a strong, healthy Canada and a prosperous future. YCR’s membership is comprised of devoted young Canadian men and women who believe Canada can have a strong future in energy and strengthen our position as a major supplier on the global stage.

  • Young Canadians for Resources was initiated to create a balanced conversation regarding our natural resources where people can speak their truth without fear of judgement.
  • YCR encourages young Canadians to become involved in all aspects of protecting their future, not only where they live, but also their economy, the jobs market and communities across the country. 
  • YCR exists to provide a platform for students to speak and stand up for the causes that they believe in. YCR creates a community of student allies across Canadian campuses who share the same passion for Canada and our natural and human resources.
  • This program allows us to come together as Canadians, from every region, to stand up for our country and its world-leading natural resource sectors. 

Students are, by definition, hungry for information and knowledge. They’re intelligent, young individuals who will shape Canada’s future. Canada Action and YCR see an opportunity to rally young Canadians to spark real, constructive change for our country.

  • YCR members are passionate about bringing the conversation surrounding the economy and well-being of all Canadians back to balance. 
  • The YCR program creates a formal platform where students can share their ideas with their Canadian neighbours, and work towards finding reasonable solutions to bridge the gap in the current narrative. Ultimately, we want people not only to be aware of the issues but also aware of reasonable solutions. 



  • To learn to have often difficult conversations with their fellow Canadians in a way that is respectful of all perspectives, and focused on bringing empathy, balance and facts to the conversation. 
  • To create a community of student advocates and allies across Canadian campuses who share the same passion for Canada and responsible resource development. This program allows students to come together as Canadians, from all regions of our nation, to stand up for our country and its unmatched natural resource sector.