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  1. An inclusive energy approach is the pragmatic solution to support local jobs, energy security and environmental protection. Oil and natural gas demand is at an all-time high and will grow for years to come.

  2. We must support all Canadian workers, sustainable jobs are Canadian jobs. An emissions cap on our oil and natural gas sector will only put energy production into the hands of less environmentally responsible countries.

  3. Anything that caps local energy development is not a win for Canadian families or Indigenous communities, nor is it a win for human rights or environmental protection globally.

Our allies want Canadian energy more than ever. South Korea, Japan, and Germany have all asked us to provide them with our responsibly produced liquefied natural gas (LNG) and oil. 

Europe has labelled LNG as a ‘green’ energy source to shore up its energy security amid supply shortages as democracies around the globe look for more reliable suppliers. Global demand for oil and natural gas are at record highs.

When our allies ask Canada to get in the game, shouldn’t we do everything we can to help? As one of the few major democratic oil and natural gas exporters in the world, Canada has an inherent responsibility to provide our allies with the energy they need. 

Global buyers want more sustainable and reliable energy supplies. Canada can deliver by providing them with more of our democratically produced energy. Oil, natural gas and hydrogen —  all of the above is needed.

Canadian oil and natural gas producers are already global leaders in climate action and reducing emissions. They also account for a large share of investment into clean technology in Canada.

Providing more Canadian oil and natural gas to the world is critical to making the world a better, safer and cleaner place.

From 2000 to 2032, Canada’s oil and gas sector is expected to generate more than $1.1 trillion in revenues for Canadian governments[1]. Not supporting oil and natural gas jobs in Canada while global consumption reaches new highs will only move those jobs and the economic opportunities to other countries.

We all want reliable, sustainable, affordable energy for Canadians and our allies, and to support good jobs for our communities. Let’s work together to protect our economy, energy security and the environment.



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Join the movement for our inclusive Canadian energy opportunity. We must balance energy security with economic prosperity and environmental leadership.



1 – Canadian Energy Centre

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