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Canada’s energy industry continues to be an environmental leader, and a welcomed partner for many Indigenous communities with the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

Unfortunately, a fresh email just went out today from an anti-pipeline group, attacking the insurance companies on this vital project.

We are countering this campaign which is polarizing, negative and not inclusive of the truth.

The truth about Canada’s energy industry is that we continue to lead the world toward a brighter future, demonstrating that we can support our oil and gas sector while also protecting the environment.

In fact, recent studies have shown that our GHG intensity is now 35% lower than previously reported. 

Our responsible energy sector continues to take bold action to reduce emissions while supporting Canadian families.

Additionally, the economic development opportunities that the industry presents, is providing substantial benefits for our Indigenous communities. The sector is a major source of career opportunities for Indigenous peoples, and it’s providing billions of dollars of economic benefits for their communities.

Canadian families need the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

In order for the project to be successful, we need to continue working with the insurance companies who are now under regular attack from anti-pipeline groups.

Will you add your name in support of the insurance companies who make the Trans Mountain Pipeline and all it’s benefits possible?

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