11 Images of Canadian Natural Resources Generated by Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has been all the hype lately.

The dawn of AI-generated images on the internet has many people wondering if some photos they now see online are real. It is true; some AI images are so realistic that it is hard, if not sometimes impossible to tell the difference.

When prompted with various descriptions of natural resources across Canada, we were curious about what this new software would create for us. So, here are several AI-generated images of Canadian natural resources in various provinces and territories, with some interesting results! Also see:

Canadian Offshore Oil

Prompt: an offshore drilling rig in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador. This drilling rig is very large and is in the middle of the ocean.

offshore oil rig artifical intelligence

Verdict: that many support legs makes my eyes cross!

Canadian Natural Gas

Prompt: a large natural gas plant in the prairies of Alberta, with the Rocky Mountains on the horizon behind the facility.

AI generated Canadian natural gas plant

Verdict: this is almost reminiscent of an actual natural gas plant in Alberta but with unfamiliar mountain peaks.

Canadian Oil Sands

Prompt: a steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) oil sands operation in Northern Alberta with several pads.

AI generated canadian SAGD oil sands operation

Verdict: not bad, but not quite; however, notice the multi-well pads in the background, now that's bang on!

Canadian Liquefied Natural Gas

Prompt: a realistic-looking liquefied natural gas tanker off the coast of British Columbia, sailing away from land into and/or towards the ocean. natural gas tanker AI generated

Verdict: not sure if there are LNG tankers with one single large storage hull like that, but close enough!

Canadian Forestry

Prompt: a logging truck deep in the woods in Quebec, travelling down a logging road after it has loaded up with freshly cut trees.

AI generated forestry operation in Quebec logging truck

Verdict: let’s hope those logs are tied down properly!

Canadian Seafood

Prompt: a family fishing boat off the coast of New Brunswick with its fishing nets thrown into the water, waiting for them to fill up.

ai generated family fishing boat off coast of new brunswick

Verdict: if it wasn’t for that unusual anchor/fishing contraption, strange boat rack and unusually large antenna (with another one coming off a tree), I am unsure if I could tell the difference between fake and real on this one!

Canadian Wind Power

Prompt: a large wind power farm in Ontario, Canada, with dozens of wind turbines spread across the landscape.

AI generated Canadian wnid farm in Ontario

Verdict: who's red logo is that?

Canadian Solar Power

Prompt: a large solar power farm in Canada spread across a large plot of land on a very sunny day.

ai generated solar power farm in Canada

Verdict: now that looks close to the real deal, but some are set into the ground… new tech idea?

Canadian Hydropower

Prompt: a large hydropower plant sitting on a river in Manitoba, surrounded by wetlands typical of the province of Manitoba.

ai generated hydropower plant in Manitoba

Verdict: this is probably the most far-off depiction on this list; it looks more like a uranium mining shaft mixed in with a hydropower plant.

Canadian Farming

Prompt: a Canadian farm in Saskatchewan, with a farmer in his tractor tilling the expansive fields filled with crops.

ai generated farm in saskatchewan

Verdict: I can’t tell if this is real, or not – farmers, please help!

Canadian Mining

Prompt: a Canadian copper mining operation deep in the mountains of British Columbia.

ai generated Canadian copper mining operation

Verdict: love the mountain peaks, but not so sure about the liquid-looking surfaces!

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