Canada Action’s Top 10 Blogs of 2020

Canada Action Top 10 Blogs of 2020

Canada Action has had an incredibly successful year in 2020, reaching more Canadians across the country than ever before with our balanced, fact-based and non-partisan discussions regarding the natural resource sector.

Here’s a list of Canada Action’s top 10 blogs in 2020 that have helped us accomplish our best outreach yet. We hope you enjoy, and would appreciate if you share online or with family and friends!

How Much Oil Does Canada Import? Too Much!

May – Canada has the third largest proven oil reserves in the world and imports roughly $20 billion worth of oil each year. According to the Canadian Energy Research Institute (CERI), if we replaced foreign oil with our own, it would be beneficial for both the Canadian economy and the global environment.

Canadian LNG Will Reduce CO2 Emissions in China: Study

May - Three independent life-cycle assessments conducted by researchers at Standford, the University of British Columbia and University of Calgary found that Canadian LNG will reduce GHG emissions by displacing coal power generation in China.

Canada’s Oil Sands Sector is an ESG Leader: Report

July – According to an extensive report by BMO Capital Markets, Canada is producing some of the most environmentally sustainable and ethical oil barrels in the world. As a leader in environmental, social and governance (ESG) investor metrics, Canada has an incredible opportunity to attract future oil and gas investment as it continues to be a world-class producer.

50+ Tweets Showing Canada’s Environmental Leadership

August - The evidence is out there, all you have to do is follow Canada Action on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on how our nation is a global leader on several environmental initiatives. Look to our natural resource sector to lead the way in the transition to a lower-carbon future - as shown in these tweets!

In Canada’s COVID-19 Recovery, Natural Resources Should Lead the Way

September - Polls conducted by Ipsos and the Montreal Economic Institute show that a majority of Canadians believe the natural resource sector should lead the way in Canada’s economic recovery from COVID-19. Will you sign your name and join them in support of Canadian resource workers and families across the country?

Resources for Good: $100K Donated to Food Banks (Part 1)

October - Canada Action’s “Resources for Good” blog series highlights some of the incredible contributions being made by natural resource companies to communities across the country. In part 1, mining companies in B.C. are donating hundreds of thousands to food banks, a transnational energy company celebrates putting up hundreds of millions over several years for Canadians to help good causes, and a new energy project in B.C. shows support for local organizations and groups through sponsorship.

Debunking 5 Claims Made by Anti-Canadian Oil & Gas Activists

October - Is Canadian oil as “dirty” as some anti-Canadian oil and gas activists would have you believe? Is the petroleum industry trying to take advantage of Canadians and turn a blind-eye to the environment at every opportunity it gets? The hundreds of thousands of Canadian families who depend on the sector for a paycheque would not agree. Learn about some of the outrageous claims made by opponents as of late and why they just simply aren’t true.

With Canada’s Resource Abundance, We Shouldn’t Have to Struggle

November - Estella Petersen is an Indigenous woman who works in the Canadian natural resource sector. Listen to what she has to say about her experience in the industry and why we all should put our faith in the resource sector to lead us towards an economic recovery from the 2020 pandemic.

Yes, We Can Support Both Climate Action and Canadian Oil & Gas

November - Canadians don’t have to choose between taking action on climate and backing our wealth-generating oil and gas industry. See 40+ facts showing why it’s in our best interest to build bridges and work together, for the good of our nation’s economic prosperity and the global environment.

Farming in Canada: The Facts (11+ Infographics)

December – The farming industry contributes massively to the livelihoods of Canadians in several direct and indirect ways. We love our farmers, and should be proud of the fact that while they are not busy feeding Canadians, they are feeding the world! Keep an eye on this blog for even more infographics to be added later on!

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