Canada Ranks 14th on the Green Future Index 2021

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Great news everyone! Canada has placed 14th among leading nations and territories on the Green Future Index, a ranking of 76 global economies on their progress and commitment towards buildings a more sustainable and low-carbon future.

Performed by MIT Technology Review Insights, this new index measures the extent to which the economies of ranked nations are pivoting towards clean energy, industry, agriculture and society through investment in innovation, renewables and green finance.

European nations dominate the Green Future Index, accounting for 15 of the top 20 listed. Many of these nations have already made considerable progress on emission reductions, investing green and transitioning to renewable energy sources.

Canadians should be proud that we have ranked high among our European counterparts – countries that are often seen as the most dedicated to taking action on climate. We should also be proud that Canada ranked 3rd out of the G20 economies and much higher than almost all other major global oil exporters.

Here’s the top 15 ranked countries on the Green Future Index 2021. Also see:

Green Future Index 2021 – Top 15

Future Green Index 2021 rankings

Green Future Index - MIT Technology Review Insights, 2021

#1 - Iceland
#2 - Denmark
#3 - Norway
#4 - France
#5 - Ireland
#6 - Finland
#7 - Costa Rica
#8 - New Zealand
#9 - Belgium
#10 - Netherlands
#11 - Germany
#12 - Sweden
#13 - Luxembourg
#14 - Canada
#15 - Austria

See the full rankings here.

How the Index Works

The Green Future Index evaluates the performance of nations and territories across five pillars each with its own subset of indicators. Those five pillars include:

Carbon Emissions – ranks CO2 emissions contribution and recent historical change of total emissions

Energy Transition – measures renewable energy as a proportion of overall energy consumption

Green Society – measures recycling, energy-efficient buildings, consumption of meat and dairy, and deforestation

Clean Innovation – ranks decarbonization through innovation

Climate Policy – Quantifies and ranks state-level activities and overall policies aimed at reducing greenhouse gases

Canada performed the best in the Climate Policy (11th) and Green Society (13th). Climate policy is weighted the most heavily out of all pillars, contributing to Canada’s high rank on the Green Future Index. Way to go Canada!

Top Oil Exporters Index Rankings

Global Top 10 ESG Leader Among World's Top 10 Oil Exporters v2-01

Of the world’s top 15 oil exporters, Canada ranks behind only Norway (3rd) but fares much better than all others except the United Kingdom (17th) on the Green Future Index 2021. Saudi Arabia and Russia - the world’s two largest oil exporters - rank at the bottom of the list in 61st and 73rd place, respectively. Iraq and Libya were not ranked on the index despite being the world's 3rd and 12th largest oil exporters. Canada is the world’s 4th largest oil exporter, while Norway comes in at 11th.

#3 - Norway
#14 - Canada
#17 - United Kingdom
#32 - Brazil
#33 - Kazakhstan
#36 - Mexico
#40 - United States
#42 - United Arab Emirates
#52 - Angola
#53 - Nigeria
#61 - Saudi Arabia
#65 - Kuwait
#73 - Russia
Not ranked - Libya
Not ranked - Iraq

The World Needs More Canadian Oil - Not Less

Alberta Oil Sands Environmental Leader Fact 1

The Green Future Index is just one of many Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) related indexes that show Canada’s dedication to taking action on climate through government policies, emissions reductions and clean tech and innovation.

These ESG indexes all point to one thing: that Canada should be a global supplier of choice whenever possible for the raw materials that fuel our global society. As long as the world needs oil – and it will for decades to come – as much market share should come from environmentally responsible producers like Canada.

The world needs more Canadian resources – not less! See more facts about sustainable oil and gas production in Canada:

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These ESG indexes all point to one thing: that Canada should be a global supplier of choice for the raw materials that fuel our global society whenever possible.

Learn more about why the world needs more Canadian resources by joining us at Twitter, Instagram and Facebook today - we hope to see you there!

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