For Their Sustainable Future, Students Throw Support Behind Well-Regulated, Abundant Canadian Energy, "Not Non-Democratic Conflict Oil"

CALGARY, ABNov. 22, 2022 /CNW/ - As part of a sustainable path forward, a growing organization of Canadian post-secondary students is publicly making the case for Canadian energy, produced to the highest environmental and human rights standards in the world.

Energy Security, Environmental, Social & Governance Factors "Are Important Ways Forward"

Young Canadians for Resources (YCR), a grassroots group organized by - and for - Canadian students, today released the latest results of a petition kicked off by more than a hundred members from across the country, who have pledged to encourage a market preference for responsibly produced Canadian energy over energy products from less regulated regimes.


The petition has already attracted more than 6,000 signatures, after having been posted just a few weeks ago. It continues to show strong daily activity.

"As young Canadians who will have to live with the consequences of energy-related decisions made today, we thought it would be really important to gauge the interest of our peers in speaking out about decisions that affect our future," said Ryan Fournier, a fourth-year student at University of Ottawa and one of the petition's YCR student organizers.

"That's why we're demanding Canada support its own energy sector, and stop importing environmentally destructive, human rights abusing, war-funding, conflict energy products from authoritarian regimes that control energy markets and could well have a destructive effect on our future lives."

Until recently, Russia was the largest exporter of crude oil and natural gas to the European Union, accounting for about 40 percent of its natural gas supplies. Some eastern European countries are almost completely dependent on Russia for gas, while Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and other OPEC+ nations control the majority of the world's oil reserves.

"If young Canadians want to ensure a safe, prosperous future for themselves, their friends and families, then we all need to be a lot more mindful of where our energy comes from," Fournier added.

"Contrary to hostile suppliers, Canadian energy revenues help promote everything from stronger democratic norms regionally and internationally, to innovations in emissions reductions and continually-improving safety technology," Fournier said.

"Every Canadian shares an interest in protecting our planet, advancing prosperity, and the benefits that result. But young people play a special role. We'll be here the longest, on average. The petition shows we're committed to making a difference, including by giving preference to Canadian energy products – it's a better way forward," Fournier said.

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SOURCE Canada Action Coalition

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