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Why Exporting Canadian LNG Matters

Creating Local Jobs and Opportunities

Christy Clark - Canadian LNG can help the world

Exporting Canadian LNG can create local jobs and support economic growth. For example, from 2020 to 2064, provinces and territories in Canada could generate revenue exceeding $92 billion from developing LNG, with BC accounting for $78 billion.

Additionally, the federal government could expect to collect over $64 billion in tax revenue. This capital goes towards public infrastructure such as schools, roads, and hospitals that every Canadian utilizes daily.

Helping Our Allies with Energy Security

By exporting Canadian LNG, we can help improve energy security for our allies and reduce their dependence on undemocratic and unstable energy sources.

For instance, leaders of Germany and Japan requested that Canada commit to LNG exports to support their efforts toward energy security. The time is now - we have to step up for our allies.

Meeting Growing Demand for Energy

Global energy demand is growing, and will for decades to come. Canadian LNG can help meet this growing demand while reducing global greenhouse gas (GHG).

Not only is demand for LNG projected to grow 76% by 2040, but LNG exports to Asia could also provide net annual emission reductions equivalent to removing every single car from Canadian roads via coal-to-gas switching.

Canadian LNG is the pragmatic solution to working towards an energy future of climate action and responsible supply chains.

Providing Economic Reconciliation to Indigenous Communities

Canada’s LNG industry can help advance economic reconciliation by creating jobs and opportunities for Indigenous communities.

Recently, the B.C. environmental assessment certificate was issued to the Cedar LNG project. Additionally, the Nisga’a-led Ksi Lisims LNG project was given the go-ahead to enter the province’s environmental review process. These milestones need to be celebrated, and public support needs to be shown to ensure the communities have their voices heard.

To highlight the importance of these projects, Indigenous workers in Canada earn almost three times more in the oil and natural gas sector than other Indigenous workers on average.

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