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  1. Amid growing global demand [1][2], Canada can continue to responsibly produce oil and natural gas to support domestic jobs and prosperity while also taking climate action – we don’t have to choose, we can do all of the above.

  2. Canada’s allies are asking for our sustainable, reliable energy [3][4]. Shouldn’t we do everything we can to contribute to the energy security of Canadians and our allies while also ensuring a prosperous future for our families?

  3. An emissions cap on Canadian oil and natural gas will only shift our production to less responsible producers abroad – along with Canadian jobs and government revenues [5].

Canada’s oil and natural gas sector is the backbone of the Canadian economy. Accounting for 29% of our total exports in 2021 [6] and contributing a projected $1.1 trillion to government coffers between 2000 and 2032 [7][8], the sector underpins the high standard of living and quality of life Canadians are fortunate to enjoy.

The petroleum sector is more than just a major economic boon for Canada’s economy; it also supported nearly 600,000 jobs across the country in 2020 [9]. From Newfoundland & Labrador’s offshore industry to Ontario’s manufacturing sector to British Columbia’s busy ports, oil and natural gas play a critical role in putting food on the table for Canadian families from coast to coast.

An emissions cap on oil and natural gas in Canada will only diminish our role on the global stage as one of the most stable, reliable and responsible major energy exporters. A cap would reduce jobs for our families and make us more reliant on less responsible producers for our energy [5] – that is not a win for pragmatic energy solutions.

By taking on an all-inclusive approach to meeting our energy needs, we can ensure a strong and resilient future for our families while playing a larger role in providing the world with the oil, hydrogen, natural gas, electricity, uranium, clean technology and innovation it needs.

Canada’s world-class oil and natural gas sector is a global leader in environmental protection. As long as the world needs these forms of energy - and we will for decades to come - Canada’s responsible producers should be the go-to suppliers of choice for countries worldwide.

Canadians can support the responsible development of all forms of energy - renewables, natural gas, oil, geothermal, hydro, wind, solar, etc. No family should be left behind as we move forward into a more sustainable future.

Canada’s allies prefer our oil and natural gas over other sources of supply for many reasons, one being that we share the same democratic values [3][4]. As a result, we are also seen as a stable, responsible and reliable source of oil and natural gas over other producers abroad with little to no protections for human rights or the environment.

Who would you choose to source your energy from – autocracies or democracies? If you value Canadian jobs, global energy security and climate action, the right choice is abundantly clear.


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