Supporting Canadian Resources Makes Environmental Sense: Newsletter, August 2021

Supporting Canadian resources makes environmental sense

Dear Visitor,

Happy August! Our latest poll had some exciting results, showing a strong majority of Canadians support our oil and gas sector.

Nearly three-in-four Canadians (73%) also agreed that global markets should prioritize jurisdictions like Canada that are leaders in climate action and environmental protection.

This is a logical choice as Canada’s oil and gas industry ranks number one for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices among nations with the largest oil reserves.

We are also excited about the continued progress on the LNG Canada project and other recent announcements for additional Indigenous-backed LNG export projects!

How You Can Help

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canada global leader in carbon capture

A Majority of Canadians 'Agree' that Canada Should Be a Preferred Global Supplier of Energy: POLL

Poll - A majority of Canadians agree Canada should be a global supplier of oil and gas

A new public opinion survey conducted by Research Co. on behalf of Canada Action has found that a majority of Canadians across the country support the vital oil and gas sector!


In the News

Current & Critical Podcast

In the News - Current and Critical - Cody Battershill, Canada Action

“As we continue to bring that good news to the forefront, more Canadians continue to realize that we do have a record that we can be proud of.”

E160 - Current & Critical - Cody Battershill, Canada's Natural Resource Sector - Our national treasure


Nisga’a Nation, Ksi Lisims LNG & Indigenous Reconciliation

by Estella Petersen

why canada needs ksi lisims LNG

The Nisga’a Nation in British Columbia sure is excited right about now, as they join Western LNG and Rockies LNG Partner to file a project description for the Ksi Lisims LNG project that will generate a projected $55 billion in economic activity over 30 years.


Supporter Spotlight:
Bryan Cox

President & CEO of the Canadian LNG Alliance

Bryan Cox - President and CEO of Canadian LNG Alliance Supporter Spotlight August 2021-01

 “Supporter Spotlight” features Canadians with a passion for Canada’s Natural Resource sector. Our spotlight this month is Bryan Cox, President & CEO of the Canadian LNG Alliance. Bryan talks to us about the importance of LNG for our families, communities and the global environment!

Bryan Cox - Canada Action Supporter Spotlight

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Thank you!

- Canada Action

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