Canada’s Role in Solving Global Shortages: Newsletter - February 2022

Newsletter February 2022-01Dear Visitor,

The world needs more of everything that Canada has to offer.

One commodity trading veteran recently pointed out that it doesn’t matter where you look, the world is running out of everything. Whether it’s minerals, lumber, food products or energy, every single natural resource that our society needs to function is in short supply and high demand.

Canadians are among the best in the world when it comes to natural resource production. Not only do we have an abundance of most essential products, but we also produce our resources in line with leading environmental, social and governance standards.

Help us share this critically important message: The world needs more Canadian resources.

- Cody

In the News

Press Release: Severe Energy Supply Shortages in Europe Point to a Need for Canadian Infrastructure & Reliable Exports of Our Natural Gas


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Carbon Capture in Canada's Energy Sector is a Model for the World

Did you know that Canada is a global leader in the deployment of carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) -- so much in fact, that the sector is an ideal model for the world?!


Supporter Spotlight:
Dierdra Garyk

Our spotlight this month is Deidra Garyk. Deidra is a Canadian energy advocate and talks to us about the importance of Canadian energy for our communities, economy and environment.


Oil Sands Reclamation in Canada: 22 Facts

Canada’s oil sands have long been in the limelight but for all the wrong reasons. For example, not many people know about the oil sands’ world-class reclamation requirements that, in some instances, have seen open-pit mines transform into grazing pastures where now over 300 bison live and roam.


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