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The efforts of millions of Canadians to show their support for responsibly produced Canadian oil and natural gas has made a real difference over the past few years as we see positive polling numbers continue to increase.

Right now, we have another important opportunity to help point Canada's future in the right direction.

There is a federal emissions cap policy being considered that could have serious negative consequences for families, communities and workers along with our nation's entire economy.

The federal government is looking for feedback on this policy.

Please visit this link or see below to submit your positive and respectful feedback in support of Canada's oil and gas workers by Monday, February 5, 2024. — The world is asking for our energy.

Don't Cap Canadian Prosperity

Submit feedback by Feb 5th.

The proposed policy will indirectly put a hard cap on the amount of oil and natural gas that Canada can produce and thereby put a strict limit on one of our nation’s largest and most important industries. Canadians don’t have to choose between supporting energy workers and protecting the planet. We can do both.


20 Quotes on Why Canada's Oil & Gas Emissions Cap Doesn't Make Sense

Canada's announcement of an emissions cap on its wealth-generating oil and gas sector is receiving significant criticism from leaders nationwide. Canada's top leaders and organizations share their thoughts on the oil and natural gas emissions cap and why it is an unnecessary policy for several important reasons.


Canada Shouldn’t Stifle Indigenous Economic Opportunities With More Regulations

By Estella Petersen 

When the responsible development of our natural resources goes well, so too does our economy – and our country as a whole. So then, it becomes a bit mind-boggling when we seem so determined to stifle new investment into resource projects by creating new and unnecessary regulations, like the oil and natural gas emissions cap.


Canada Ranks 2nd on Global Cleantech Innovation Index 2024

Canadian cleantech innovation index ranking 2024

Canada has ranked second in the world on the 2024 Global Cleantech Innovation Index. It couldn't be any clearer that our nation is a global leader in clean technology and innovation.


Saskatchewan Farmers Lead the World in Low-Emission Crop Production: STUDY

Canadian farming families are playing a huge role in the sustainable advantage offered by our world-class agricultural products. University of Saskatchewan researchers found that the province’s farmers produce some of the most sustainable crops in Canada and the world.


Nuclear Power a Solution to Emissions Reductions, Canada Can Lead the Way

The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai last month was the first time nuclear energy was formally named as one of the solutions to climate change in a COP agreement. This spells good news for Canada, as the world's second largest producer of uranium.


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