Addressing the Energy Crisis and COP26: Newsletter - November 2021

Canada Action Newsletter November 2021

This month we have:

  • Radio interview: What COP26 needs to hear about Canadian oil & gas
  • Growing oil demand graphic to share
  • Canada Has Set the Bar High for Climate Action
  • Who Benefits from Blocking Canadian Pipelines?
  • Supporter Spotlight: First Cobalt

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We continue to see energy shortages and supply disruptions around the world. This is a stark reminder that the world needs to support an all-inclusive energy strategy to meet growing global energy demand for the future.

This includes supporting Canadian oil and gas, because Canada is already a global leader in responsible development and climate action. We must recognize our environmental leadership, while also maintaining our competitiveness.

Global oil demand is back to record highs and will continue growing for years to come, along with demand for natural gas.

The world needs more Canadian energy if we want to make the biggest impact on global environmental issues.

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COP26 should be talking about Canada's oil & gas leadership



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oil demand surpasses pre-covid levels october 2021

Fact Check: Canada Has Set the Bar High for Climate Action

world oil exporters ESG rankings



Who Benefits from Opposition to Canadian Pipelines?

By Estella Petersen

who benefits from blocking canadian pipelines

Coastal Gaslink and the Trans Mountain Expansion pipelines currently under construction in Canada have more than a few things in common, one of those being the attention they have consistently received from various “environmental” opponents. Let’s talk about that for a moment, shall we?



Supporter Spotlight:

Trent Mell

Our spotlight this month is Trent Mell, President and CEO of First Cobalt, a Canadian-based Cobalt company. Trent talks to us about the electric vehicle revolution and the importance of mining for our communities, economy and environment.



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