Yes, We Can Support Both Climate Action + Canadian Oil and Gas

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While the entire world is looking for affordable energy, Canadians don’t have to choose between supporting climate action and supporting our oil and gas sector.

We can do both.

That's because reducing emissions from our oil and gas production creates a more resilient energy future for our families.

The past, present and future of Canada’s oil and gas success is tied to our record of environmental innovation and emission reductions. Working together, we can ensure we are a preferred oil and gas supplier in the low emissions future.

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Our closest allies and trading partners need Canadian energy now more than ever!

Global buyers are demanding lower emissions from oil and gas supplies. Let’s show the world that we can deliver through continued emission reductions and responsible energy development.

Alberta OnG Banner 2With greenhouse gas (GHG) intensities down by 23% since 2012, oilsands now emit just 4% to 5% more than the global average on a well-to-wheels basis. (BMO)

If we continue to invest in innovative technologies such as carbon capture, we can create a resilient future for our local communities while attracting international investment back into our oil and gas sector.

Alberta OnG Banner 3The oil and gas sector is the backbone of our economy. Energy is by far Canada’s largest export and hundreds of thousands of jobs are supported by the sector from coast to coast.

Since 2000, the oil and gas sector has generated over $500 billion in government revenues used to build hospitals, schools and roads in addition to paying for critical social programs such as healthcare and education.