More Canadian Energy GIVEAWAY

More Canadian Energy GIVEAWAY

More Canadian Energy GIVEAWAY

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The world needs our help. Energy supply chains are being stretched and global demand for oil and gas is projected to grow for decades yet.

Canadian oil and gas is one of the most sustainable sources of supply for the world's future energy needs. Our record on climate action through continued emissions reductions, cleantech development and collaboration proves that. It's time that we position ourselves and are recognized as a go-to global supplier of oil and gas.

For a limited time, we are giving away FREE Canada Action t-shirts to people who help us tell Canada's energy story of:

> Why the world needs more Canadian energy.

> The hard-working women and men who make everything in this country possible.

> Why everything we do in our daily lives wouldn’t be possible without oil and natural gas

The giveaway quantity is limited, and participants must follow our contest guidelines. Be sure to act fast to get your shirt.

How to Get Your FREE T-Shirt:

Step #1. Make a photo or video of yourself supporting oil and gas on any social media platform any way you'd like - using our merchandise, a homemade sign, a photo of you at work, etc.

Step #2. Post your content online -- tag @CanadaAction and hashtag #CanadaAction where applicable. Please keep your post respectful and non-partisan.

Step #3. Send us a screenshot of your post and/or a link to it along with your mailing address using this FORM.


Post Content Guidelines:

Your post content must be positive, fact-based and non-partisan. Please refer to our Guiding Principles if you need more information.

Giveaway Rules:

Participants must be over the age of 18, a resident of Canada outside of Quebec (due to regional regulations), and agree to the contest's Rules & Guidelines.

Claiming your shirt:

Fill out the form on this page to claim your free shirt here: SUBMIT - MORE CANADIAN ENERGY