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Do you support Canadian energy?


There is talk of a global energy shortage around the world, with a potential energy crisis looming.

Right now, we see countries facing blackouts and gasoline shortages, a reminder that access to reliable and affordable energy is incredibly important.

The fact remains that global oil and gas demand is growing strongly, and Canadian energy is a positive force for the global environment. We are a leader in environmental protection, and we should be meeting rising international demand with responsibly produced Canadian oil and gas.



However, anti-Canadian pipeline activists continue to fight our responsible energy sector at every opportunity.

There is a pattern of misleading communication from anti-pipeline groups being used against companies who are doing their part to support Canada’s economy.

In many cases, these groups have been unfairly targeting businesses beyond energy companies, attacking them for their involvement with Canadian energy.

Previously, anti-pipeline activists were using misinformation to try and discredit insurance companies working with pipelines.

The latest in this series of misleading campaigns, is a targeted attack on Canadian banks who are invested in the well being of Canada’s future. Public ads have been taken out with the goal of criticizing these businesses, who support responsibly produced Canadian energy.

Instead of attacking these businesses, we need to be thanking the Canadian businesses who make our essential industries possible.

Please add your name to the growing list of Canadians who support responsible development of our natural resource sectors.

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