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Have you seen The World Without Canada on your streaming service or cable television? If not, we suggest you put it on your watch list!

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Produced by the History Channel in 2017, the three-episode documentary explores what the world would look like without Canada.

Episode one in particular focusses on what would happen if Canadian oil, natural gas, food, fertilizer, uranium, minerals and metals disappeared from global markets, a real eye-opener for anyone looking to learn more about what impact Canada’s natural resources have on the world stage.

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It seems the History Channel agrees with what we have been saying all along: that a world without Canadian energy, mining, forestry and agriculture products would be one of extreme scarcity.

Most importantly, the documentary highlights just how critical Canadian natural resources are for modern-day society.

“Canada is a huge producer of oil. We are an exporter to the whole world of materials required to drive our industrial civilization,” says Robert J. Sawyer, Science Fiction Writer and Futurist.

“The world moves along, it functions without too many hitches, because of Canada’s stable provisioning of what the world needs in a reliable, safe and friendly way,” Sawyer continued.

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10 Fun Facts from the Documentary:

• Canada’s first oil well was in southwestern Ontario, beating the Americans to the discovery of oil in North America

•  Canada exports about 3 million barrels of oil per day

• 43% of American oil imports are from Canada

• Every day Canada provides the United States with enough oil to fill 200 Olympic-sized swimming pools

• Every year, Canada exports enough grain to make over 73 billion loaves of bread, enough to make 10 loaves for every person on the planet

• About 50% of the world’s potash reserves are in Canada, used to make fertilizer to grow crops

• 15 million Americans depend on Canadian natural gas to keep them warm during the winter

• Every day, Canada’s 39 cross-border pipelines pump enough gas to heat and light all of New York City, Boston and Chicago combined

• Every North American child born today will need over 500 pounds of zinc and 1000 pounds of lead and copper just to build the electronics they will use over their lifetime

• Canadian mines produce over 60 minerals and metals

Keep in mind that some of these statistics may be out of date. For example, Canada is now exporting more than 3 million barrels of oil per day to global customers – mainly the United States.

Either way, it’s all pretty amazing stuff.

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