25+ Tweets Showing Why Canada's Natural Resource Producers Should Be 'Go-To' Suppliers

Tweets Showing Canada's Environmental Leadership

Canada’s natural resource sectors operate under one of the most stringent and transparent regulatory regimes in the world, something that all Canadians across our country can and should be proud of. And in the years ahead, global demand for many of the resources we extract and produce right here at home will grow substantially along with the world’s population.

Nations – both developed and developing – are becoming increasingly focussed on ‘green’ supply chains and are now looking for new sustainable sources of supply for said raw materials and products. So as long as the world needs crude oil, natural gas, rare-earth minerals, softwood lumber and other such goods, it only makes sense that they come from nations like Canada which is a top performer on Environmental, Social and Governance metrics.

The extraction and production of materials for solar panels, wind turbines and electric vehicles, for example, is inevitable, and the world should choose the most responsible nations for the job. The same goes for oil and gas, forestry and agriculture products, and so on and so forth. Whichever natural resource it is, the most sustainable producers should be chosen as a ‘go-to’ source of supply by global consumers. It only makes sense.

Check out our recent tweets showing exactly why Canada’s natural resource sectors should be global suppliers of choice in a world where demand for products made by the energy, forestry, agricultural and mining industries is poised to grow for decades to come – if not forever.




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