A Message from Canada: We Are Tired of Being Pushed Around [Video]

We Canadians have a tendency to be very polite. Other than our famous “eh” saying which we tag onto the end of many sentences each day, we’re also known for being very apologetic and will say “sorry” for just about anything.

It’s not such a bad reputation to have, really. Being well-mannered and polite will get you further in life than if you weren't. But when it comes to important issues like supporting the industries that are responsible for our national prosperity, this is a reputation we need to change.

For too long have we let small but vocal special interest groups dictate the conversation about our world-class natural resource industry. We’ve left these groups unchecked, letting them say whatever they want and whenever they want to, even if it was a complete falsehood.

It’s now time for Canadians to take a stand and stop saying sorry for being one of the most transparent, regulated, and environmentally-progressive producers and exporters of a variety of natural resources.

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A Message from Canada…

"Over the past decade, misinformed critics on the small screen, foreign-funded noise makers and their celebrity sidekicks have tried to make us disappear.

Protest after protest, they’ve tried to sign off on our last and final eviction notice. Our response?

We implemented carbon pricing initiatives in 2007, shrunk GHG emissions per barrel by 30%, and invested more than $45 billion in renewable energy projects over the past 5 years.

The world needs more Canadian energy.

We are problem solvers, and innovators, and we do whatever it takes to get the job done right, because as Canadians, we don’t know how to do it any differently.

So we are done apologizing for the jobs we create, the schools we build, and families we support. Because real leaders know success comes from doing what’s right, not what a rich actor tells us, or what looks good online.

Because while finger-pointing, hypocritical, anti-everything protestors are against the very energy they take for granted, we are taking responsibility in finding solutions.

We might be known for being polite, but don’t mistake our steadfast and calm demeanour as points of weakness.

And we are smart enough to know that this is not a battle between good and evil. A future in energy and a future in the environment are not mutually exclusive.

This is a battle between those who blame and those who solve, those who yell, and those who act. Those who work together, and those who tear apart.

We are refiners in Quebec, chemists in Sarnia, engineers in St. Johns, Environmentalists in Fort McMurray, roughnecks in Alberta and pipefitters in BC who work hard every single day to give us the energy we cannot live without.

So we will not apologize anymore, because Canada needs us, the world needs us.

We are Canadian energy, and we are proud."