Coastal GasLink Reaches 100% Pipe Installation, Supported by Canadians & First Nations

coastal gaslink 100 per cent complete

Courtesy of Coastal GasLink

After five years of construction spanning 670 kilometres across some of B.C.’s most challenging terrain, pipe installation for Coastal GasLink (CGL) – the natural gas supply source for LNG Canada, Cedar LNG, and other potential upcoming projects – is now complete!

CGL is an integral part of Canada’s future liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facilities, which will produce and export some of the least carbon intensive LNG in the world as a result of hydroelectricity usage for powering operations. Canadian LNG has the potential to significantly reduce net global emissions by displacing coal-fired power plants abroad; switching just 20% of Asia’s many coal plants could save an entire Canada in emissions, according to a recent report by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

Indigenous support for the pipeline has been widespread, helping see the project through to completion. All 20 elected councils of First Nations along its route signed mutual benefit agreements with CGL. Seventeen of those nations also signed an equity stake agreement, obtaining a 10% share of ownership which will help to generate revenues for their communities over the long term.

Coastal GasLink could not have done it without overcoming significant adversity.

Since the critical pipeline infrastructure project was announced in 2012, anti-energy activists have opposed the project at every turn. From the major railroad and highway “pipeline blockades” across the country in 2020, to the assaults on CGL crews and equipment by masked individuals in 2022, there has been no limit on what opponents were willing to do to block and delay the project. CGL opponents even petitioned Hollywood A-list celebrities multiple times to speak out against the pipeline with the hopes that it would be “de-funded” by Canadian banks.

Thankfully, CGL has prevailed. It will soon be ready to start supplying gas feed to some of Canada’s up-and-coming world-class LNG export facilities.

Our Continued Support for Coastal GasLink

Coastal GasLink reaches 100 per cent completion

Since the beginning, Canada Action has been a staunch supporter of CGL. Over the past several years, we have actively participated in sharing positive and uplifting information about the natural gas pipeline through our website, digital campaigns and social media. We have also organized multiple rallies and set up public events supporting the world-class pipeline project.

Below are some of our top-performing Coastal GasLink blogs and social media posts over the years in no particular order, which have been cumulatively shared online with hundreds of thousands of people across Canada.

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