Energy Comments from Feds Hit Positive Note: Grassroots Group

CALGARY, ABOct. 28, 2022 /CNW/ - Recent comments from Canada's Prime Minister, his Deputy PM and a senior minister come at a critical time and should be welcomed, the spokesperson for a Canadian natural resources grassroots coalition said today.

Acknowledgement Canada's Energy Resources a Global Resource is "Timely"

While the shift in federal sentiment comes in the midst of the current government's third term in office, Canada Action founder and spokesperson Cody Battershill said the recent statements underline a fact that is crucial to his organization: The world benefits when more Canadian energy and other resource products are traded on the world market – not less.

"Canadians know the country's energy sector is committed to improving its environmental initiatives while Canada retains reliable access to energy in all its forms," Battershill said.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland and Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson have each recently made public their wish for Canada's energy and natural resources sectors to grow to help meet world demand.

"But the fact is we've had almost 20 liquified natural gas (LNG) projects proposed, and with the exception of a single project under construction, the rest of the world has left us behind as Argentina, Mexico, Australia, the US, Nigeria, Qatar and others move to expand their own natural gas exports at our expense.

"At the same time, Canada's LNG emissions will be the lowest on the planet, our regulations for the environment and human rights are the world's most stringent, and our Indigenous communities express real interest in moving their energy projects forward," Battershill added.

"So while it's important to thank the feds for their recent change in tone, our organization thinks it's equally critical we continue to support emissions reductions innovation in our energy sector while we grow our export market access and provide our superior energy and resource products to the world," Battershill said.

Last month, Canada Action released national polling that indicated 73 percent of respondents felt Canada should advocate for its energy sector as a leader in environmentally sustainable production. And almost eight in ten respondents (79 percent) said they'd prefer to use Canadian energy in their day-to-day lives.

"Canadians know opposing pipelines and other infrastructure hurts not just Canada, but the world. So we're glad support for Canada's superior record is steadily growing," Battershill said.

SOURCE Canada Action Coalition

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