Resources for Good: $1.45 Million Donated to 10 Hospital Foundations

Resources for Good: $1.45 Million Donated to 10 Hospital Foundations

Canada’s natural resources sector provides support to Canadian communities through donations and other contributions that often go without the public recognition that they deserve.

In part five of our Resources for Good series, we feature three more recent examples of how the natural resources sector is doing its part to contribute to the well-being of families and communities from coast to coast. See our previous articles here:

Bruce Power donates $1.45 million to 10 hospital foundations

resources for good bruce power donates $1.45 million to 10 hospital foundations

(April 2021) - Bruce Power has made a commitment to 10 hospital foundations totalling $1.45 million between 2019-2023 to be utilized to provide these healthcare facilities with the latest equipment and services. In light of the recent global pandemic, Bruce Power has also stated that this funding can now be used at the discretion of each hospital foundation to address any unforeseen needs that have arisen over the past several months.

“Bruce Power’s commitment to local health care and its generous support for the Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation has been an investment in ensuring Saugeen Shores remains a vibrant and healthy community,” said Tracy Murray, Executive Director of the Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation. 

“Since the onset of the pandemic, many of our fundraising initiatives have had to be cancelled, rescheduled or reimagined, so the multi-year commitment from Bruce Power is more important than ever during such uncertain times,” Murray added.

The five-year commitment pledged $250,000 each to the Bruce Peninsula Health Services Foundation, the Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation, and the Owen Sound Regional Hospital Foundation, and $100,000 each to the Clinton Public Hospital Foundation, Wingham District Hospital Foundation, Alexandra Marine & General Hospital Foundation, Walkerton & District Hospital Foundation, Meaford Hospital Foundation, Chesley & District Health Services Foundation, and Hanover & District Hospital Foundation.

On a separate occasion, Bruce Power also donated 90,000 Level 1 disposable masks to be distributed through the United Way of Bruce Grey and an additional 16,000 KN-95 masks to Saugeen First Nation and Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation.

Mosaic Forest Management donates $25,000 towards five school meal programs

resources for good mosaic forest management donates $25,000 to school meal programs on Vancouver Island

(February 2021) - Mosaic Forest Management donated $25,000 to five Vancouver Island schools for meal programs, where school staff were reportedly very grateful for the company’s generous donation. The money will be used to give students access to nutritious meals in their classrooms via a student-run meal program.

“Mosaic’s donation offers us the financial stability to provide a much-needed food program that kids can rely on,” said Holly Knox, a teacher and food security program coordinator. “The need for inclusive access to nutritious food has never been greater, and we are deeply grateful to know that, with this funding, we will be able to support our food program and our students through the year.”

Mosaic Forest Management’s Vice-President and Chief Forester Domenico lannidinardo, said the company has a long history of supporting communities near its operations and is positive the donation will contribute to the battle against child hunger.

Lafontaine farm donates more than 20,000 pounds of potatoes

resources for good lafontaine farm donates 20,000 pounds of potatoes

(June 2021) - Since the start of the year, Fer-Mar Farm has donated more than 20,000 pounds of potatoes through the assistance of the Georgian Bay Métis Council, as well as the Owen Sound Métis Nation and the Moon River Métis Nation.

"I don’t know how you can place a value on being that generous,” said Greg Garratt, president of the Georgian Bay Métis Council. “I mean, in these times in the pandemic, his generosity was actually uplifting. The number of comments on our council’s Facebook page; people coming here to pick them up and telling us what a great thing it was… We even had some of our volunteers deliver potatoes to people we know to be homeless, in the tent cities, to help them get by as well"

“I was always taught: if you give, you shall receive. I think I’m living a pretty good life just because of what I do. I really enjoy what I do and how my life’s been going” said Cim Maurice, one of the many family members and staff who help run Fer-Mar Farm. Maurice’s generosity has incited others to help the community according to Garratt!

Natural resource companies strengthen Canadian communities

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Canada’s natural resources sector enjoys world-leading performance on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) metrics and supports Canadian families through countless jobs, royalties, and philanthropic work.

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