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NCI FM Manitoba Natural Resource Worker Giveaway Contest


WIN $500 - Nominate a Natural Resource Worker

Canada Action and NCI FM Spirit of Manitoba Radio are partnering up to give away a total of $500 worth of prizes as part of the Nominate a Natural Resource Worker in Manitoba Contest, happening now from March 29th to April 25th, 2021!

All you have to do is listen in to Jordan and Davey or Garth on NCI FM for your chance to call in and nominate an outstanding natural resource worker you know in Manitoba! The winner of this contest will receive:

  • $300 Swag Box of Canada Action merchandise
  • $100 Gift Certificate to a local restaurant of choice
  • $100 Donation to a charity or non-profit of choice


  • Nominees must be living in Manitoba
  • Random winner picked at end of contest

Thank You, Manitobans

Manitoba Natural Resource Worker Contest March 2021

We want to say thank you to Manitoban resource workers, for what they do for their communities and our country in general. Canada is great because of the hard work they do on a daily basis that supports Canadian families and brings prosperity to our nation.

In 2019, more than 1.9 million Canadians were employed by the natural resources sector. That same year, the entire industry was also responsible for generating 17 per cent - or nearly 1/5th of our entire economy.

As one of the most transparent, regulated and environmentally conscious natural resource producers on the planet, the world needs more Canadian resources - not less! We should be proud of the Canadian families who contribute so much to our nation and also take part in supplying the world with the raw materials and resources it needs. Also see:

Nominate Someone You Know Today!

Also known as The Spirit of Manitoba, NCI FM has a number of online sources you can access that will help you connect with their station and nominate someone in Manitoba you know:

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Want to know more about the good things Canadian natural resource families are doing for our communities and the environment? We invite you to join us online and learn more about why the world needs more Canadian resources at Twitter, Instagram and Facebook today. We hope to see you there!