The Majority Supports Canadian Oil & Gas - Newsletter: March 2024

Newsletter Cover March 2024

Dear Visitor --

It's an exciting time for families working in Canadian oil and natural gas.

Canada's largest-ever private investment, LNG Canada, continues to draw closer to its completion. The same goes for the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, which will also help us maximize the value of our oil exports.

The women and men who continue to work hard every day to heat, power and fuel our lives continue to earn our gratitude for their invaluable contributions to Canada's prosperity. Thank you!

Thanks to the enthusiastic support of people like you, more and more Canadians from coast to coast are seeing the big picture of why the world needs more Canadian energy.

Just recently, our public petition to support LNG reached a huge milestone of 15,000 signatures!

Recent data from the University of Ottawa has found that a clear majority of Canadians view oil and gas as an important part of our economy.

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With Fossil Fuel Advertisements in Canada, Truth Should Always Prevail

Events of February 2024 show why we must continue to engage in balanced, fact-based and honest discussions about Canada’s responsibly produced oil and natural gas and the vital role our energy has to play in global sustainability efforts.


DEBATE: On the Fossil Fuel Advertising Ban Bill C-372 in Canada

The private members' Bill C-372 introduced to the House of Commons wants to ban all fossil fuel advertising in Canada, regardless of whether the ads are based on scientifically proven facts.


Uranium in Canada: Everything You Need to Know

Canada has long been one of the world’s biggest producers and exporters of uranium. The world’s second-largest country is home to the fourth-largest global reserves, almost all of which is produced by the McArthur River and Cigar Lake mines in Northern Saskatchewan, two of the largest and highest-grade mines found in the world.


Despite Growing Sales of Electric Vehicles, Global Oil Demand to Remain Strong: COMMENTARY

As electric vehicles become more popular, many assume EVs will dramatically reduce oil consumption. Yet, the latest findings from Norway show that’s not necessarily the case.


Canadian Natural Gas Has a Vital Role to Play in Reducing Global Emissions: REPORT

A new report has found that by displacing coal-fired power in India with Canadian LNG, the world could avoid anywhere from two to four times Canada’s total emissions over the study’s period.


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- Canada Action

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Want to do more? The best way to help us support Canada's natural resource industries is to volunteer or donate. If you'd like to volunteer, sign up for our Resource Champions team as a digital volunteer here. You can also donate here.


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