100+ Petroleum Products Used in Outdoor Leisure & Recreation

How do petroleum products make outdoor activities possible cover

How does petroleum make outdoor leisure and recreation possible? It’s a good question, and one that we should all consider as many of us make trips out to the great outdoors for activities and events.

Whether hiking in the beautiful forests of British Columbia or sailing along the stunning coastline of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canadians use a wide variety of petroleum-based products to enjoy outdoor leisure and recreational activities to the fullest.

Here are several products that allow us to explore the great outdoors to full effect! Also see:

Rock Climbing

rock climbing petroleum products make outdoor leisure and recreation possible

Climbing ropes Belay devices Harnesses Helmets
Plastic clips Hair ties Shoelaces Smartphones
Quickdraws Climbing cams GoPros and cameras Climbing shoes
Chalk bags Climbing tape Crash mats Sunglasses
Backpacks Outdoor clothes Belay gloves Accessory cords

Mountain Biking

mountain biking petroleum products make outdoor leisure and recreation possible

Backpacks Bicycle multi-tool Bicycle seat and handles Protective gear and padding
GPS or compasses Reusable water bottles Tire tubes Zip ties
Sunglasses Satellite phones Trail map apps Patch kits
Bike shoes First-aid kits Rain jackets Bicycle helmets
Bike pumps Gloves Light or headlamps Emergency whistles


hiking petroleum products make outdoor leisure and recreation possible

Hiking boots Backpacks Lip balm Coolers
Petroleum jelly Ziploc bags Mosquito spray bottles Guide books
Sunglasses Sunscreen bottles Hiking pole grips Mosquito net gear
Athletic socks Insulating clothes Emergency shelter and blankets Food packaging
Nylon and polyester clothing Lunch boxes Fire-starter kits Waterproof clothing


canoeing petroleum products make outdoor leisure and recreation possible

Canoes Weatherproof speakers Buckets Dry suits
Paddles Flare guns Mirrors Waterproof smartphone cases
Water-resistant clothing Rain boots Duct tape Paddling gloves
Rope Dry bags Storage bins Bandanas and buffs
Binoculars Fishing rod Fishing lines Fishing hooks


sailing petroleum products make outdoor leisure and recreation possible v2

Fishing equipment Toilet paper Coolers Duffel bag
Dry bags Batteries Notebooks Fibreglass boat
Navigation technology GPS Dive masks Boat fin
Boat sails Snorkels Playing cards Knives
Life jackets Flashlights Rope Air-horn

Outdoor Activities & Petroleum Products

From the tables above, it’s clear that oil and gas products go hand-in-hand with outdoor leisure and recreational activities. Let’s not also forget that oil and gas products: 

> Make transportation possible. Whether you’re in an internal combustion vehicle or are driving an electric car, your vehicle was made using several petroleum products and consists of components with processes that use fossil fuel energy as an input. In Canada, there is also a good chance that the electricity used to charge your car was also generated using natural gas. 

> Allow us to communicate with one another. For example, the amount of minerals and metals and fossil fuel inputs into a smartphone or GPS satellite are innumerable. GPS and other information services inherently rely on fossil fuel products, whether it be the steel in cell towers or plastics in data centres.

> Provide us with a heightened chance of survival in the great outdoors whichever way you put it. Without the plastics, metals and other devices that utilize fossil fuels in the manufacturing process, we would not experience the level of safety we do when enjoying outdoor leisure and recreational activities.

Enjoy the Outdoors!

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Summer activities are all made possible by natural resources from the energy, forestry, mining and agriculture sectors!

This summer, we encourage you to take a moment to appreciate the products that make the warmer months of the year as enjoyable as they are!

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