60+ Essential Wood Products Made Possible by Canadian Forestry

60 essential daily products made possible by Canadian forestry

Forests are where Canadians love to live, work and play. Covering ~40% of Canada's land, forests have become deeply ingrained into the everyday lives of millions of Canadians. It makes sense; approximately 23 million of us live in or near forests, about two-thirds of Canada's total population.

Thankfully, our forests have afforded Canadians the opportunity to develop a flourishing forestry sector. Canadian forestry began in the early 20th century and has since evolved into a highly-technical and sustainability-focused industry.

Wood is a foundational material for all aspects of modern life: buildings, transportation and industrial equipment to name a few examples. Certain uses for wood have now been replaced by goods made from mined materials and petroleum products, but the importance of wood in Canada and across the globe has not diminished.

Wood & Sustainability

everyday products made from Canadian wood - toothbrushes

Today, wood is increasingly being seen as a sustainable material and an alternative to plastics. As a result, the material is being used to replace thousands of traditionally plastic products such as toothbrushes, children's toys, and even laptop frames.

Wood products are not limited to the benches, desks, and pencils that we use every day either. Instead, central wood components such as cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin help produce products that don't resemble wood at all! For example, cellulose produces rayon, commonly used in blankets, towels, bedsheets, and clothes. In other words, wood by-products are hidden in many everyday essentials!

What else is wood used for in our daily lives? Here is a list of 60 everyday products made from Canadian wood!

What Does Wood Make? 60 Everyday Products

The wood products that follow are integral to life in the Canadian home and in many abroad. According to sources, 60 per cent of Canadian lumber is exported internationally for use in construction, manufacturing and other applicable sectors. 

everyday products made from Canadian wood - house

Television screens



Board games

Hockey sticks

Paper grocery bags



Nail polish




Kitchen utensils


Cleaning wipes

Skis & snowboards



Safety rails






Bed frames

Picture frames


Unique building architecture

Gardening planter boxes


Coat racks



Hiking stairs



Golf tees


Building blocks






Cutting boards


Coffee tables



Baseball bats

Hot tubs




Patio furniture Cabinetry



Shelving Outdoor decks & patios

Canadian Forestry Quick Facts

300 communities in Canada are dependent on forestry for jobs and income

  1. Lumber is one of the highest-value and highest-produced products in our forestry industry.
  2. Canada's forestry industry has reduced its GHG emissions close to 70% since the 1990's.
  3. Canada is the fourth largest exporter of forestry products.
  4. Canadian forestry companies replant every single tree that is harvested. Less than 1% of available timber is harvested each year.
  5. In 2020, the nominal GDP of Canada's forestry sector was $25.2 billion.
  6. Forestry management guidelines, government regulations, and industry innovation have led Canada's industry to have one of the best environmental records globally.
  7. In 2021, British Columbia employed the most forestry workers of any province, at 19,400 Canadians. That's a lot of forestry families and communities!
  8. The Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) reports that the country's forestry products sector directly employs 225,000 Canadians and indirectly employs another 600,000

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