Forestry in Quebec: 15 Facts & Statistics

Forestry in Quebec: 15 Facts & Statistics

Forestry in Quebec Facts Statistics 2024

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Did you know that nearly half of Quebec is covered by forests stretching more than 760,000 square kilometres (km2), an area larger than Sweden and Norway combined? It’s no wonder Quebec’s forestry sector is the largest in the country, ahead of British Columbia and Ontario, and is home to an astonishing 2 per cent of the world’s forest cover.

Forestry is a critically important sector for workers, communities and governments throughout Quebec via economic opportunities and tax revenues. Despite a decline in recent years, the industry remains especially important for rural municipalities across Canada’s second-largest province and is an integral supplier of products such as softwood and lumber for the region, including buyers in the United States.

Want to know more about Quebec’s world-class forestry workers and their contribution to the province and Canada? Here are several facts and statistics on forestry in Quebec showing just how vital the sector is for Canadian families and governments.

15+ Facts on Quebec’s Forest Industry

Vegetation in Quebec - Government of Quebec

Map of Vegetation in Quebec - Government of Quebec

#1 - Quebec’s forested landscapes cover an area of 761,100 km2, a land area equivalent to the size of Sweden and Norway combined [1]

#2 – Every year, more than 15.3 million person-days are dedicated to hunting, fishing and trapping in Quebec’s forests, making them a popular activity amongst Quebecois [1]

#3 - Quebec’s forests provide habitat for over 200 bird species, 60 mammals, some 40 amphibian and reptile species, 100 fish species, and thousands of insect species [1]

#4 - 20% of Canada’s total forested area is found in Quebec, which equates to about 2% of the world’s forests [1]

#5 - Quebec is home to the largest amount of forests in Canada, second to British Columbia and third to Ontario [2]

#6 - 92% of Quebec’s forests are publicly owned [1]

#7 - Quebec’s remaining 8% of forests are divided between 130,000 forest landowners, of whom contribute roughly 16% of the timber to wood processing operations [1]

#8 - 30% of forestry sector jobs are located in Quebec [3]

#9 - Quebec’s forestry sector paid a total of nearly $2.94 billion in wages and salaries in 2020 [3]

#10 - In 2020, revenues from goods manufactured by Quebec’s forestry sector totalled nearly $20.6 billion [3]

#11 - Quebec exported more than $11.8 billion in wood and forestry products in 2021, the largest of any province [3]

#12 - In 2021, 74% of Quebec’s forest product exports were sent to the United States, with another 20% to China [4]

#13 - Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean is home to the most forestry sector jobs in Quebec, accounting for 19.2% of the provincial total [4]

#14 - Men account for the lions share of forest industry jobs in Quebec at 88.7% [4]

#15 - Older workers typically are employed in Quebec’s forestry sector, 31.9% of workers aged 55 or older – significantly higher than the industry average of 21.5% [4]

Sustainable Forest Management in Quebec

Like the rest of Canada, Quebec is a global leader in responsible forest management. Made up of complex ecosystems, the provincial government has several rigorous measures in place to ensure the longevity of its forests, which aim to:

  • Preserve biological diversity
  • Maintain and improve the condition and productivity of forest ecosystems
  • Conserve soil and water
  • Maintain forest ecosystem contributions to major ecological cycles
  • Maintain many socioeconomic benefits society derives from forests
  • Consider, with respect to development, the values and needs expressed by concerned populations

Quebec’s sustainable forest management initiatives strive to achieve a balance between a prosperous and dynamic industry, a high quality of life for current and future forest communities, and healthy forest ecosystems.

Learn more about sustainable forest management in Quebec today.

I Love Forestry in Quebec

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Despite significant job losses over the past several years, largely a result of activist opposition, Quebec’s forestry sector remains an integral piece of the economic puzzle for countless communities across the province.

As Canada’s largest province, Quebeckers have been blessed with expansive forests that provide jobs, leisure, and recreational opportunities, which, for many, are ingrained into their way of life.

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