Canada Action's Top LNG Tweets (2022)

Canada Action best LNG tweets 2022 - Copy

Yet again, Canada Action has had another very successful year 2022, reaching more and more Canadians across the country with our balanced, fact-based and non-partisan discussions on our world-class natural resources.

A large part of our content in 2022 centred around liquefied natural gas (LNG). To celebrate that success, we’ve put together a list of some of our most successful Facebook posts for you to review.

Not sure about what we do? These tweets are peek into the pro-resource advocacy we are committed to and what kind of content you can expect to see by joining us on social media! Also see:

Top LNG Tweets 2022

1 - Grim reminder - 553,165 impressions

2 - Think global, act local. -  213,661 impressions

3 - In the face of blackouts - 130,912 impressions

4 - The counter of now & the country of the future - 106,254 impressions

5 -  Mozambique, Qatar … - 75,790 impressions

6 -  People in Europe have been burning trash and wood to stay warm… - 68,095 impressions

7 - Canada needs to give the world what it wants — more natural gas… - 62,451 impressions

8 - Argentina, Mexico, Nigeria, Qatar, UAE, Australia and the USA are stepping up to supply more liquified natural gas… 59,924 impressions

9 - Eat or heat, what would you choose during a cold winter?... - 49,745 impressions

10 - The world needs #CanadianLNG now, next year and next decade… - 24,622 impressions

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