Canadian Forestry Infographic: Facts, Figures & More

Canadian Forestry Infographic Facts Figures Statistics

Forestry products are all around us. Whether it be in the walls of your home, the chair you’re sitting in, or even your pencil, the sheer amount of manufactured goods we use that are made from wood can easily be taken for granted.

Without Canadian forests we would not only miss some of the best leisure and recreational opportunities around, but also would have a tough time living out a contemporary and modern lifestyle.

Canadians are blessed to have large areas of forest cover, so much in fact that we hold nearly a tenth of the world’s total forests and roughly 40 per cent of our land surface area is covered by them. As a result, we are a top producer and exporter of many forest products, and the sector contributes significantly to our economy in various ways.

Canada’s forestry sector is also a global leader in sustainable forest management. With growing global demand for forestry goods, it only makes sense that we are a go-to supplier of choice for such products.

But wait, there are more interesting facts and statistics where that came from! Check out our latest infographic on Canada’s world-class forest industry below and make sure to download and share it with whoever you'd like!

Canadian Forestry is World-Class

Canadian forestry infographic facts figures

Facts on Canadian Forestry

• Jobs: 830,000 direct & indirect

• Economy: $58 billion

• Exports: 180+ countries

The forestry sector provides income for local workers in 2,400 municipalities across Canada

Forests Are a Part of Canadian Identity

Canadian forestry infographic facts figures 2

• 362 million – Canada is home to 362 million hectares (ha) of forest, making it the third most forested country in the world

• 40% - Forests cover approximately 40% of Canada’s land surface area

• 9% - Canada has 9% of the world’s forests and one-quarter of the world’s total boreal forest

• 23 million – Over 23 million live in or near forests in Canada, about two-thirds of the population in 2016


Canadian Forestry is Environmentally Responsible

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Canada’s forest products sector is recognized as a global leader in sustainable management of the world’s most renewable resource.

• 70% - Since the early 1990s, Canada’s forest sector has reduced its GHG emissions by close to 70%

• 547 million - seedlings that were planted on 397,000 hectares of provincial forest lands in Canada in 2019.

• 8,600 hectares – new forest established by seeding in Canada in 2019

• 45% - Canada has 164 million hectares of forest – or roughly 45% of its forested land – certified to third-party standards of sustainable forest management

Indigenous Communities & Forestry in Canada

Canadian forestry infographic facts figures 3

The forest sector is a key provider of jobs and income in approximately 300 Canadian communities, including many Indigenous communities.

Forest sector employment is particularly important in many rural and Indigenous communities, where forest-related work is often the main source of income.

• 11,600 – Indigenous People employed by Canada’s forestry sector, making it one of the largest Indigenous employers in the country

• 1,400 – more than 1,400 Indigenous-owned businesses operate in the forest sector

The World Needs More Canadian Forestry

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• 33% - Global demand for wood products is predicted to grow by a third by 2035

Canada’s sustainable forestry sector should be a go-to supplier of choice.

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