Canada’s Heroes: Critical Roles During a Pandemic Emergency

Canada’s Heroes: Critical Roles During a Pandemic Emergency

The saying “not all heroes wear capes” could not ring any truer than in a time like this.

Canadians from coast-to-coast are waking up to this truth as we all are encouraged to practice physical distancing and stay at home to prevent the spread of COVID-1 because not everyone has the opportunity to do so.

For all the adverse changes this novel coronavirus has brought to Canada and the rest of the world, there’s many positives, or truths if you will that Canadians can rally their energy behind.

For starters, we most certainly have an increased awareness of proper hygiene, something that can never be too important anywhere you go.

It’s likely we also now have more gratitude for basic amenities and social events, like enjoying a birthday meal with friends at a restaurant on the weekend.

But most importantly, we have undoubtedly gained a deeper respect for Canadians working in critical societal roles who are at a higher risk of infection because of their jobs.

They are Canada's superheroes, springing forth into action during dire times of need.

Canadian Heroes Working on the Frontlines

thank you to Canadian doctors and nurses during cornavirus

Due to the state of emergency nationwide, countless Canadians have the liberty of stocking up on goods at anytime during the day then going home to hibernate like its going to be -40 °C outside for weeks.

While we’re at the local store shopping for food or other goods…

  • a doctor is reviewing lung x-rays in an overcrowded hospital
  • a nurse is performing a swab test for infection
  • an EMT is treating and taking a sick, elderly grandfather of three to the emergency
  • a firefighter is responding to a motor vehicle accident
  • a grocery store cashier is continuously ringing customers through
  • a pharmacist is providing prescriptions to those who need them

Canadian Heroes Working Behind the Scenes

canada thanks our truck drivers during coronavirus

And while our frontline workers are on non-stop, countless other Canadians are performing their duty behind the scenes to prevent our communities from going without essential goods and services.

While we’re sitting at home in the comfort of our living room…

  • a farmer is tending to his crops and livestock
  • a city crew is clearing out and compacting our garbage
  • an engineer is on shift ensuring our power plants are generating electricity
  • a control room operator is monitoring the production of natural gas that heats our homes
  • a civil servant is working tirelessly on organizing the delivery of healthcare equipment
  • a truck driver is delivering goods to our grocery stores
  • a delivery driver is bringing us food from a local restaurant

Let’s Walk the Walk, Like Our Heroescanada, stay home during coronavirus!

We must thank all the Canadians working in these critical roles the best way we can, and that starts with following their selfless lead.

Let’s put our own wants and needs aside and rigorously adhere to the guidelines set forth for us by government and health officials so that we don’t burden Canada’s heroes with more work - and as a result, more potential exposure to COVID-19.

We encourage you to thank and support all those workers who are continuing to serve in our communities.

We also encourage you to help out those in need in anyway you can while taking the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your family and those around you.

Let’s do our part for the greater good of Canada, and the world. We Canadians have come together during tough times before and we must do it again if we want our lives to return to some form of normalcy sooner than later.

We can do this Canada, so let’s get on it!