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Every family and business in the world needs oil and gas. Full stop.

Their critical importance should never be forgotten.

Without the energy and products provided by oil and gas, our communities and lives simply would not exist as they do today.

It really is that simple.

Because oil and gas are truly an irreplaceable part of our lives, whenever people and businesses cannot get them from Canada’s responsible oil and gas producers, they will get it from other jurisdictions instead.

That’s why capping Canada’s oil and gas industry does not mean that the world will stop using oil and gas. Instead, capping Canada’s energy industry would only mean that the energy being used in the world would come from other, less environmentally responsible producers.

That is not just true for our trading partners abroad in other countries, but it’s also true locally here in Canada. Limiting our home grown energy industry will prevent us from exporting energy to our trading partners, and it will encourage Canada to import oil and gas from other countries.

Capping Canada’s oil and gas industry is not a serious climate solution. It is just an unfair penalty that would be applied to the families who work in Canadian oil and gas, and it would impact the prosperity of all Canadians.

With a track record in environmental excellence, our energy producers deserve to be the global producers of choice.

In addition to producing energy in line with the world’s most responsible environmental standards, the families that work in Canadian energy are also welcomed partners with Canada’s Indigenous communities.

Canadians should support Canadian families and businesses, especially when those local options are also the most environmentally and socially responsible choices.

That is why Canada’s oil and gas producers deserve to operate on a level playing field, without being strongly penalized by an emissions cap.

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