Email the Federal Government

Email the Federal Government

Email the Federal Government

There is a federal Emissions Cap policy being considered that could have serious negative consequences for hundreds of thousands of Canadian energy workers and our nation's entire economy.

The proposed policy will indirectly put a hard cap on the amount of oil and natural gas that Canada can produce and thereby put a strict limit on one of our nation’s largest and most important industries.

Canadians don’t have to choose between supporting energy workers and protecting the planet.

We can do both.

Here's what some of Canada's prominent thought-leaders have to say on the matter:

"The proposed emissions cap will make Canada uncompetitive in the fight for the global capital that actually encourages investment in net-zero technologies, some of which do not yet exist at scale in the market".

- Bryan N. Detchou - Senior Director, Natural Resources, Environment & Sustainability, Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Source: Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Date 12/7/23

"A step backwards for climate policy. The [oil and gas] cap is a wedge issue, not an efficient means of lowering GHGs, and further erodes carbon pricing."

- Trevor Tombe - Professor of Economics, Research Fellow at The School of Public Policy, University of Calgary

Source: X, @trevortombe, Date 12/7/23

Please use the form below to send the federal decision makers a respectful message regarding your support for Canada’s energy workers by February 5, 2024:

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