Resources for Good: First Nation Receives $3.2 million for Emergency Response Building

Resources for Good: First Nation Receives $3.2 million for Emergency Response Building

Natural Resources for Good in Canada - Episode 9 February 2023

Natural resources are the backbone of Canada's economy, providing the building blocks for a wide range of industries and products. But these resources provide Canadian and Indigenous families with benefits far beyond the economy.

Resource companies nationwide positively impact their communities through various initiatives that help local families improve their quality of life. These actions often go unnoticed but play an essential role in supporting the well-being of Canadians. These acts of kindness remind us that resource companies are an integral part of the Canadian community and care about the well-being of the people in and around their areas of operation.

This blog highlights three recent examples of resource companies giving back to Canadian communities. From supporting families dealing with childhood cancer to funding emergency response buildings for Indigenous communities, these companies make a real difference. Let's take a closer look at these inspiring stories and show our support for companies with our backs. Also see:

TC Energy Funds $3.2 Million Emergency Response Building for Carry the Kettle Nakoda Nation

TC Energy

(January 2023) - TC Energy has funded the construction of a new Emergency Response building for Carry the Kettle Nakoda Nation in Saskatchewan, which will serve as a central location for emergency response equipment and training in the community. The $3.2 million facility will support the community in the event of an emergency and will help to keep community members safe.

TC Energy attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony and spoke about the importance of safety and emergency response within the community. The two organizations have been working together closely to foster a relationship based on the shared value of safety, as several TC Energy pipelines traverse the Nation's reserve land.

TC Energy is committed to working with the First Nation and all Indigenous groups involved in its projects and operations. The new Emergency Response building is one of several initiatives to help bring better awareness for safety measures, with plans to continue those efforts.

Cameco Fund for Mental Health Awards Over $1.7 Million in Total Donations

CAmeco fund for mental health saskatchewan

(December 2022) - The Cameco Fund for Mental Health has provided more than $1.7 million to associations in need since it was first established in 2019.

In December 2022, the fund awarded grants worth $500,000 to 25 projects, benefiting 37 Saskatchewan communities and organizations providing province-wide services. A total of 4,500 people from 289 communities participated in person or virtually.

"We all have reasons to step up," said Cameco CEO Tim Gitzel.

"It starts with the thousands of people who participate in the run/walk and now we pass the torch to the incredible organizations working hard to support those who are suffering."

Miners for Cancer Donate $50K to support Ontario Families

Miners for Cancer

(February 2023) - Miners for Cancer, supported by Sandvik, announced a $10,000 donation to Northern Ontario Families of Children with Cancer (NOFCC) at their annual Allan Epps Memorial Hockey Challenge.

This donation was in addition to the $40,000 given to NOFCC by the group at the Miners for Cancer Holiday Gala in December, which Sandvik also sponsored. The combined $50,000 will aid Northern Ontario families caring for children with cancer.

"If we can help even just one child from our community's chances of survival with our fundraising efforts, all the hard work behind our events is worth it," said Wayne Tonelli, President of Miners for Cancer.

Andrea Fortin, program and office coordinator for NOFCC, expressed her gratitude, highlighting families' financial difficulties when a child is diagnosed with cancer.

"The donations received from the Miners for Cancer will make a world of difference for many families during the most difficult chapter of their lives," Fortin said.

Natural Resources Support Canadian & Ingidenous Communities

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The above "resources for good" examples are just a few of Canada's natural resources sector's valuable contributions to our country, sometimes on a monthly, if not weekly basis.

These companies provide the energy and materials Canadians need to enjoy a world-leading high standard of living and quality of life. They also drive our economies and create jobs for our families. So let's support and appreciate the industry's continued commitment to safety, innovation, and sustainability and the Canadian and Indigenous families who make all this work possible!

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