Resources for Good: $900,000 Donation Towards CT Scanner in Kitimat

Resources for Good: $900,000 Donation Towards CT Scanner in Kitimat

natural resources for good in Canada - 900,000 donation to Kitimat Hospital for CT Scanner

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The energy, mining, forestry and agriculture sectors are the backbone of Canadian prosperity, providing immense economic opportunities for people across the country. That includes millions of jobs, tens of billions in government revenues, and well over half of our country’s total yearly exports.

Canada’s natural resource companies positively impact communities not just through economic activity, but also other initiatives that help local families improve their quality of life. These actions – whether it be volunteerships, donations, or other means of assistance – often go unnoticed but play an essential role in the well-being of Canadians and Indigenous Peoples.

In other words, the natural resources sector is an integral part of Canadian society, having an incredibly positive impact on many families – especially in rural areas where long-term, well-paying jobs are sometimes few and far between.

This blog highlights three recent examples of resource companies giving back to Canadian and Indigenous communities. Whether it is donations towards important medical equipment or funding for community infrastructure, these initiatives are critical for local communities in and around natural resource operations across the country.

LNG Canada Donates Last $900,000 of $3 Million Needed for New CT Scanner for Kitimat

September 2023 - The Kitimat General Hospital Foundation reached its $3 million fundraising goal for a new CT scanner, thanks to a significant impromptu donation of $900,000 from LNG Canada.

CT scanners are critical for hospitals as they provide high-definition, detailed cross-sectional images of the body, and can significantly help aid in correctly diagnosing and treating various health conditions and illnesses.

The donation was made at the foundation's annual gala. The remaining funds from the event will be directed towards enhancing patient care in Kitimat by acquiring additional equipment and support for hospital staff.

Western Forest Products Donates 2.4 Acres of Land to Port McNeill Town

September 2023 - At the September 12th council meeting, the Town of Port McNeill thanked Western Forest Products for donating 2.4 acres of centrally located land. This property, which comprises three parcels, will cater to the town's population's evolving needs.

“The well-being of Port McNeill has always been enhanced by the contributions of the primary forest companies. Our town’s wonderful infrastructure stretches well beyond what our population would determine,” said Mayor James Furney via reporting by Canadian Forest Industries.

“Among other things, we have a ski hill, airport, golf course, arenas, running tracks, ball fields; all soundly supported and made possible by the forest industry. This generous land contribution by Western Forest Products provides Port McNeill residents with future opportunities for public use as we shape our common future.”

BHP Mining Donates $250,000 Donation to Port Hardy’s Indoor Swimming Pool

March 2023 - The District of Port Hardy announced earlier this year it received a quarter of a million dollars towards the Pool Remediation Project from BHP, a prominent mining company in British Columbia.

The Port Hardy Pool has remained closed since 2021, as it is more than 45 years old and requires substantial upgrades and repairs. The district has tried to replace the facility in the past but fell short of receiving the necessary funding.

The municipal government has clarified that necessary amenities, like pools, attract and retain locals and underpin a thriving community while attracting new investment.

“Mayor and council are thrilled to see a local company offering support for a significant investment in the community even when they are no longer visibly operational in the area,” noted the district, via reporting from Vancouver Island Free Daily.

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