60 Classroom Products Made Possible by Natural Resources

classroom products made possible by natural resources

Canada's natural resources sector contributes significantly to our country's prosperity, seen in the 1.9 million person workforce, $21.4 billion in annual revenues to governments, and $264 billion in exports each year. But natural resources do much more than just provide Canadians with incredible wealth and prosperity -- they also are essential to make thousands of everyday items, like those in the classrooms of our children and peers!

Canadian forestry, mining, oil, natural gas, renewables and agriculture are integrated into nearly every aspect of our daily lives. From the paper we use to write notes to the metals required for our labtops, we sometimes take for granted just how essential these resources are to make our modern-day lives possible.

10 Educational Products Made from Petroleum

One arena that almost every Canadian has participated in is the classroom. Whether our memories are from second grade or university, our classrooms are filled with items made possible from the resource sectors.

Check out the lists below to see just some of the products you'll find in the classroom made possible by natural resources. By no means is this an exhaustive list! Also see:

Natural Resources in the Classroom

Almost everything in the modern day classroom is made using some type of natural resource product from the oil and gas, mining and/or forestry sectors.

Classroom products made or derived from oil & gas: 
Paint Footballs Eyeglasses Trashbags
Computers Eraser Water bottles Pens
Radios Umbrellas Linoleum flooring Toilet seats
Smartphones Laminated teaching materials Plastic toys Beakers
Windows Curtains Cleaning materials Insulation

Classroom products made or derived from forestry:
Doors Baseball bats Hockey sticks Guitars
Piano Desks Chairs Wooden blocks
Coat racks Craft materials Paper Building structure
Sleds Pencils Whiteboards Railing & stairways
Toys Shutters Cabinets Picnic tables

Classroom products made or derived from mining: 
Desks Keyboards Cement Batteries
Clocks Doorknobs Computers Projectors
Electrical cords Paint Pencils HD Televisions
Wallpaper Windows Rubber Photographs

It is essential to recognize Canadian resources' role in building safe and reliable infrastructure and products for our classrooms. If you have a child, make sure to check out our resources for kids booklet!

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