The Year of Energy Awareness – Newsletter: December 2022

Canada Action - Newsletter December 2022

Dear Visitor --

First and foremost, Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

2022 shined a light directly on the critical importance of Canadian oil and gas - as well as every other resource that we have to offer.

While the world has been scrambling to source reliable and responsibly produced energy, Canadians have been increasingly calling on our leaders to help provide the world with the resources they need.

No where was this more true than amongst Canada Action’s supporters.

This year tens of thousands of you took action in one form or another. Whether it was proudly displaying Canada Action stickers and merchandise, signing an important petition or helping share our social content, you helped us reach millions of Canadians.

Thank you for your support throughout this important journey.

We look forward to continuing this work next year, and we are eternally grateful that each and every one of you are with us.

Raising Energy Awareness Around Ottawa

This year we have been spreading the positive message of why oil and gas matters all across Ottawa through digital, billboard and transit ads. We know it's critically important to have balanced information about why Canadian resources matter!


Inspiring Young Canadians

Young Canadians for Resources

Over the course of 2022, Canada Action's youth and student branch - Students for Canada - grew the organization to new levels. The group has rebranded, refocused and expanded their efforts under the new banner of Young Canadians for Resources.

Recently, the group has launched a hugely successful campaign to call on leaders to support resources development, and their petition is well over 7,000 signatures.


Record Traffic on Social Media

This year, Canada Action's social media engagement soared to new highs. We reached millions of Canadians from coast to coast. You can check out our top performing Facebook posts here:


Continuing to Inform the World 

About why doing business in Canada makes sense

Throughout the year, our researchers and writers produced nearly 150 fact-based and thought-provoking articles about why Canada's natural resource producers are global leaders.

One of our most recent pieces revisits the Keystone Pipeline that seems to have been forgotten while the world is scrambling to source responsibly produced oil.


Educating the World about Canadian LNG

This year, the energy crisis took hold with fear of shortages and high prices in many countries. We all know that Canadian LNG can and should be rising to the occasion to help fill the gap. However, many members of the public know very little about the topic.

That's why we have been making a concentrated effort to spread the word about Canadian LNG. Check out how these tweets have been creating a buzz on twitter.


Empowering Indigenous Voices

There is a growing voice within Canada's many Indigenous communities of families and businesses who want to be champions for economic development and prosperity through resource development.

This year we have continued to help empower those Indigenous voices, and help them to bring balance to the conversation. You can check out one such article here:


Helping Canadians Show their Support

One of the foundational things we have always been proud to deliver a huge variety of clothing and merchandise that help Canadians show their support for natural resources.

This year, tens of thousands of Canadians ordered, received and proudly used Canada Action merchandise out in their communities. One of our recent initiatives was to give out free bumper stickers to our supporters. You can still order them for free if you haven't yet!


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- Canada Action

PS: Want to do more? The best way to help us support Canada's natural resource industries is to volunteer or donate. If you'd like to volunteer, sign up for our Resource Champions team as a digital volunteer here. You can also donate here.

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