This is What the Planet Needs - Newsletter: November 2022

Canada Action Newsletter November 2022Dear Visitor --

Canadian resources aren’t just good for Canadians, they’re good for the whole planet. 

Our advocacy work is most impactful when we are not just advocating ourselves, but more importantly, inspiring others to advocate for the same fact-based and positive message.

Today, we are thrilled to see that over 100 young Canadian students have taken up the banner of standing up for Canadian oil and gas. They’re running a petition asking the Canadian government to prioritize Canadian energy over competing suppliers that don’t share our environmental and social leadership record.

Will you show them your support, by adding your name to their petition?

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Canada Action in the News

Canada At COP27, the United Nations' Climate Change Conference

COP27 and Canadian Energy's evolving role in global climate action cover

There's a major global climate action conference happening in Egypt. Canada Action's Cody Battershill joins Rob Breakenridge to discuss how and why the countries in attendance need to hear the truth about Canada's oil and gas industry.


U.S. Could Still Build Keystone XL, Decreasing Long-Term Need for Unfriendly Oil Suppliers

The 830,000 barrels per day (bpd) of oil shipped by KXL to our closest ally and trade partner would have made it an irreplaceable asset, especially amid today’s global energy shortages.


Why Canada’s Oil & Gas Emissions Cap Will Hurt Indigenous Communities

Jennifer Laewetz

First Nations in support of natural resource development to advance their communities are speaking out against the federal government’s oil and gas emissions cap.


Forestry in British Columbia: 20 Facts

Did you know that forests cover roughly 66 per cent of British Columbia’s land surface area?! It’s no wonder the province’s forests are not only a part of everyday life for many British Columbians, but also integral to their economy.


B.C. Regulator’s Focus on Cedar LNG Global Emission Reductions Should Be a Model for the Rest of Canada

Kudos to B.C. for recognizing LNG as a solution to reducing global emissions! This should be a model for all of Canada.


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