Supporter Spotlight: Delmoy Daley - Oct. 2020

Supporter Spotlight: Delmoy Daley - Oct. 2020

Supporter Spotlight” features Canadians with a passion for Canada’s natural resource sector. Our spotlight this month is on Delmoy Daley, a Petroleum Engineering Technology graduate from SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) with a passion for music and musical theatre. Delmoy’s native land is Jamaica, but he considers himself Canadian at heart! Here's what Delmoy had to say about his support for Canadian natural resources:

Canada Action Supporter Spotlight - Delmoy Daley - October 2020

Canada Action:  Delmoy Daley! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us today! Delmoy, you’ve been working with us for a couple of months now and you are a recent Petroleum Engineering Technology graduate from SAIT.  Can you share a little bit about your background and yourself? How did you make it into Petroleum Engineering? Why did you choose that program?

Delmoy Daley: First off all, thank you so much for this awesome opportunity!  The story began approximately two years ago.  I completed the chemical engineering program at the University of Technology back home in Jamaica. And while working as a quality insurance analyst in the pharmaceutical industry, there was a side of me that was always thinking about energy. Energy is very expensive in Jamaica so I started wondering: “How can I help my country get a better sustainable energy model”? Because of tourism and agriculture, the environment is a big part of Jamaica’s economic growth. So I wanted to find a school or a country that took the environment and energy industry very seriously and Canada came to mind because it has the cleanest energy industry in the western hemisphere. And that is how I ended up at SAIT and started my energy journey. When I arrived (to Canada), I became very conflicted because there are a lot of mistruths being said about the industry. People here don’t believe you can be an energy and an environmental person. So I took a step back and said “Delmoy you have to do something about this”. I started telling people who thought that energy and the environment are mutually exclusive that it doesn’t have to be that way. The world knows that Canada takes the environment very seriously and that it has the cleanest industry. So why don’t Canadians also view it this way? And so I became an advocate. Then I found Canada Action, and I realized that they were already doing what I was trying to do! I was happy to join Canada Action in advocating for the energy industry because it’s the best there is.

Canada Action:  What would you say was the biggest mistruth you heard?

Delmoy Daley:  The biggest in my opinion was about the oil sands; that the energy industry only cares about profit and does not care about the environment, that companies go in and drill and leave the land destroyed. When I speak with people, I help them understand that this is not 1985! This is not back when you would had companies who would leave the land in such a state. A lot of people don’t seem to realize that even before you start a project, a reclamation plan has already been determined! Even before you start drilling! One of the greatest examples we know of this is Syncrude’s bison farm where 30 wood bison were released onto reclaimed land. 25 years later, the herd has now grown into one of 300. You don’t usually hear about this type of news, and I strongly believe that when we share information like that, that’s how the fire of change comes about. Just with people like you and me talking to other people. Just friends to friends - that’s how it spreads.

Canada Action: Why do you think natural resource development is important for Canada?

Delmoy Daley:  It’s not only about economic growth. Canada wants to decrease its carbon emissions. And I personally think that  - because I’m speaking as a Canadian now (he laughs) - this is important not just for Canadians. We are world citizens. And if we have the cleanest barrel, if we have the cleanest energy industry, why not develop it in such a way where we can give it to other countries that are still using energy that are not up to modern environmental standards? We as world citizens can reduce our emissions.

Canada Action: Why do you think all Canadians should care about Canadian natural resource development?  Is there any kind of message that you want to tell Canadians reading this?

Delmoy Daley:  I do think everyone should be aware of it.  I am an oil person but we’re not only talking about oil, we’re talking about forestry and other sectors and how we can manage resources properly. We should care about it because we have these resources. If some care and others don’t, you’re always going to have a conflict and we don’t want that.  Canada can be a force to be reckoned with. Canada needs to be on top of the world once again. We need to have these balanced conversations, we need persons from the west and the east - even from Nunavut - coming together, sharing experiences so we can grow our country and be on top of the world!

Canada Action:  Definitely. Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Delmy Daley:  What I really want people to realize is that we really need to put away our differences and come together as one.  If not we will never progress. And progression as the human race is what we need and what will benefit us. I also want to tell my fellow Canadians that  Canada is the best! We are leaders in innovation and we must continue on the upward path.  Don’t let misinformation pull us from the goal of being number 1 in the world.

Canada Action: Yes! Well Delmoy, thank you so much again for taking the time!

Delmoy Daley:  Same here! Thank you for having me!

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