Support Domestic Energy

Support Domestic Energy

Support Domestic Energy

Federation of Canadian Municipalities Calls on Ottawa to Support Domestic Energy & Have Imports Meet Our World-Class Standards

The world needs more Canada

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Do you support families working to produce Canada's domestic energy?

This is a big deal! The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) is backing a member-sponsored resolution asking the federal government to[1]:

i. Promote and encourage the consumption of Canadian oil and gas products over the use of energy products imported from other countries as Canada transitions to net zero emissions by 2050.

ii. Boost support for policy that all oil and gas imported and consumed in Canada meet the same stringent environmental, governance and social standards that Canadian oil and gas producers must adhere to, in line with transitioning to net zero GHG emissions by 2050.

FCM represents 2,100 municipalities of all sizes, from Canada’s cities and rural communities, to northern communities and 20 provincial and territorial municipal associations. These municipalities represent more than 92 per cent of Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast.

Why should you join us in supporting The FCM’s resolution?

  1. Oil and natural gas contribute immensely to the Canadian economy, generating billions of dollars in government revenues and supporting local jobs for our families and Indigenous communities.

  2. Global oil and natural gas demand is projected to grow for decades yet – as long as the world needs oil and gas, shouldn’t it come from the most responsible producers like Canada?

  3. More sustainable Canadian oil and gas on domestic and international markets is good for Canadian families, Indigenous communities, global energy security AND climate action.

Many communities in Canada have put their support behind the resolution including municipalities in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario.

With an increasing focus on resource security and sustainable supply chains, the world is now looking to the most responsible and reliable natural resource producers for everything from energy to food to lumber to minerals.

Canada – with its vast wealth of natural resources – has the talent, knowhow and technology to bring these resources to global markets with the lowest environmental footprint possible. After all, we are one of the most transparent, regulated and environmentally conscious energy producers on the planet; more Canadian oil and natural gas on global markets is good for:

> Canadian jobs

> Indigenous prosperity

> Global energy security

> Global climate action

Join us today in supporting the FCM’s resolution asking the federal government to do more to support Canadian oil and gas families — by using more domestic energy while ensuring oil and gas imports are held to the same social and environmental standards as our own energy companies are.


Sign the petition at the top of this page to take action and show your support.

Join the movement for our inclusive Canadian energy opportunity. We must balance energy security with economic prosperity and environmental leadership.



1 - Federation of Canadian Municipalities - Resolution: Federal support for Canadian consumption of Canadian oil and gas resources as Canada transitions towards carbon neutrality by 2050 - Date Accessed: April 2023 (

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