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Canadian LNG can create jobs and protect the planet.

The world needs more Canadian natural gas.

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Canada can - and should - maximize the value of its natural resources, as doing so will also help lower global emissions.  It’s a win-win situation. That’s why supporting the development of Canada’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry just makes sense. 

Not only does LNG development create massive wealth through job creation and public revenues, but it’s also an environmentally friendly alternative to coal-fired power and heat generation overseas.

Canadians have an opportunity to create jobs, help the environment AND support Indigenous communities in Canada.

The Haisla Nation and Nisga’a Nation are two Indigenous communities currently working on world-class natural gas projects that can be a huge economic boon for their people as well as Canadians.

Projects like these build a better Canada - and a better world.

Cedar LNG: Haisla Nation

The Cedar LNG project is a joint effort between Pembina and the Haisla Nation. If it is approved, it will be the largest Indigenous-owned infrastructure project in Canada.

BC’s official environment regulator is on record saying that the project will lower global emissions and will likely be “one of the lowest emissions intensity producers of LNG globally.”

✔️ $3 billion job creating investment

✔️ Environmentally responsible

✔️ Indigenous opportunities


Ksi Lsims: Nisga'a Nation

The Ksi Lsims LNG project is a huge opportunity for the Nisga’a Nation and all of Canada. If approved, the rural project will create an estimated $55 billion of economic activity over the next 30 years.

Just like Cedar LNG, the Ksi Lsims project has also committed to an extremely high level of climate stewardship. The project is planned to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions within three years of becoming operational.


Right now the world needs Canadian LNG now more than ever, so why wait? We shouldn’t.

That’s why we need your support today.

There’s no reason to further delay the approval, construction and operation of our emerging LNG industry. 

Following the lengthy environmental assessment done for Cedar LNG last year, the Haisla Nation and families part of this project are anxiously awaiting final approval from the BC government.

Cedar LNG and Ksi Lisims LNG are the embodiment of everything that Canada’s energy industry should be proud of.

World-class low-emission projects like this are exactly what Canada - and the world - needs more of.

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