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Canada’s energy industry is a global leader when it comes to environmental protection. As global demand for energy continues to grow, Canada should rise to meet that demand with responsibly produced Canadian energy.

One such opportunity to do so is the Trans Mountain Pipeline (TMX). This pipeline will provide over $40B of tax revenue for various levels of Canadian government, and it is being produced in alignment with the most progressive environmental protection strategies in the world.

This is a shining example of how Canada can create wealth, while also respecting our planet.

Unfortunately, anti-pipeline groups are still taking aim at the insurance companies who are insuring the project, attacking them for supporting responsible Canadian energy.

TMX is an integral part of Canada’s economic recovery and Canadians of all walks of life are benefiting from it. To date 13,185 Canadians - both Indigenous and non-Indigenous - have been hired to work on this important project. There are literally thousands of families who are relying on the continued success of this project.

Those families need our help. 

Will you take action now and contact the insurance companies that are being targeted, letting them know that you support the Trans Mountain Pipeline?