45+ Good News Stories From Across Canada Amid Coronavirus Emergency

Let’s take a look at some good news happening across Canada during the COVID-19 emergency, shall we?  

But first, let’s thank frontline and behind the scenes workers like our doctors, nurses, EMTs, grocery store workers, electricity crews, railway engineers, government officials, postal workers and so one and so forth for stepping up to the plate.

We commend you for working in high risk environments while many of us stay home and physically distance ourselves from one another. You are Canada’s heroes and we support you!

Here’s some of the most positive news stories coming out of Canada over the past several days. Spread the love!

-- Eastern Canada --

'You're not alone in this': Canadians are 'caremongering' through the COVID-19 pandemic

"The coronavirus pandemic has inspired kind Canadians to organize 'caremongering' groups offering help to seniors and those most at risk amid the outbreak."

From window walks to balcony serenades, Canadians spread cheer during COVID-19 crisis

From children's window art to balcony serenades and porch portraits -- Canadians are coming together while maintaining their distance to try to lift community spirits during the COVID-19 crisis.

How Kingston is doing good, staying connected during the coronavirus pandemic

Luckily, despite encouragement from public health officials to practise social distancing, people in the Kingston region are still finding safe ways to connect and to be kind to each other.

Toronto distillery producing hand sanitizer during coronavirus outbreak

Spirit of York, which operates out of the Distillery District, is working to combat the hand sanitizer shortage by using the alcohol from its facilities to produce an alcohol based hand sanitizer solution.

Agriculture community cheers for Ontario hospital workers

“We’re all one community. And we all realize that we’re all in it together, except separately. We’ve got to keep our distance, but we’re very grateful for all the frontline workers, what they’re doing,” said a local farmer interviewed by CTV News.

Mississauga Family Creatively Celebrates Birthday Amid Coronavirus Measures

While Pisani’s birthday celebration was a touching success, he joins countless other people who have had to find creative ways to stay connected with their family and friends as cities shut down and coronavirus cases ramp up.

'Not business as usual': How Canada's manufacturers mobilized to help fight COVID-19

Stevens immediately got to work. He rounded up staff who were tasked with figuring out how they could retool the Tilbury, Ont. facility - which makes airbags for carmakers - into gowns compliant with Health Canada regulations.

Clothing designer turns face shield maker for front-line COVID-19 workers

“With the big COVID virus crisis, some of my contacts in the health-care system raised the flag about the urgent need for face shields and they asked me if our manufacturer could produce face shields,” she said.

GTA group helping conquer COVID-19 by getting supplies to medical staff

A Greater Toronto Area based volunteer group called “Conquer COVID-19” is helping fill a void on urgently needed medical supplies at hospital and clinics.

Hotels in Niagara Falls are lighting up with hearts in solidarity with communities affected by coronavirus

Hotels in Niagara Falls are standing in solidarity with communities battling the coronavirus pandemic by creating what Canada's tourism officials are calling the "Niagara Heart of Hope."

In the Face of COVID-19, Restaurants Like Montréal Plaza Are Helping to Feed the Homeless

For the past seven years, Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ) graduate Frédéric Michaud has been planning menus, calculating quantities, and managing four chefs to provide 700 meals a day.

Toronto comes together to salute and support front-line health-care workers

Everyday Torontonians have come up with creative ideas to support and salute front-line health-care workers during the COVID-19 crisis. One of the main ways they’re showing love is by keeping them well-fed.

How Canadian fashion and beauty brands are helping fight COVID-19

...an interesting collection of Canadian fashion and beauty companies, whether they have ceased production altogether or pivoted business operations, are stepping up to shrink down the adverse effects caused by COVID-19.

Labatt switching production to hand sanitizer to help fight COVID-19

Labatt Breweries of Canada is shifting production from beer to hand sanitizer at some of its factories in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

London firefighters, police, paramedics show support for health-care workers

London Emergency Services workers came together to show support for local health-care workers, emergency services personnel and community members on the front lines of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Montreal medical students deliver food to healthcare workers during pandemic

Third-year McGill University medical students have launched MerciMeals MTL, a fundraising campaign created to provide food for healthcare workers during the pandemic. Since launching on April 2, the online fundraiser has raised more than $16,000 in donations. 

Get your teeth ready, kids: Legault adds Tooth Fairy to list of essential services in Quebec

In his daily press briefing on Tuesday, Premier Francois Legault responded to a video from Raphaelle, a 7-year-old Quebec girl, asking whether or not the Tooth Fairy would still be making her rounds amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bruce Power to donate 600,000 masks, gowns to health care workers

On a local radio call-in show, Bruce Power announced that it will be donating 600,000 pieces of PPE to front line health care workers in Ontario. It’s the largest private donation of PPE in Ontario, so far, Ford says, “I’m getting chills listening to this. This is the largest donation we’ve received so far, and we’re so grateful."

Volunteers use 3D printers to produce PPE amid outbreak

Groups of volunteers across Canada are using 3D printers to produce personal protective equipment and other essential supplies at a breakneck speed — an effort some say could have a lasting impact even after the COVID-19 crisis passes.

-- Western Canada --

Victoria Distillery partners up with local business to give essential workers free hand sanitizer

In the face of COVID-19, two local businesses are partnering up to help the community with the overwhelming hand sanitizer shortage.

Red Deer man turns on Christmas lights amid COVID-19 pandemic

A Red Deer senior is using Christmas lights to take people’s minds off the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alberta distilleries make hand sanitizer amid COVID-19 pandemic

As businesses continue to deal with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, some Alberta distilleries have made a shift in the product they produce.

North Shore libraries distrubting tablets and phones to those in need

North Shore libraries are working to ensure those in the community who have traditionally depended on their local library to access a computer can still find a way to get online and connect with the services and people they depend on.

Energy Company Buys up $10,000-worth of gift cards to keep coffee shop afloat

"We empathize and understand how the current scenario would be very impactful to your business and your family of staff.… We’d like to bridge the gap when you can return to operating again,” said Serafina president Chad Harris in an email sent to Lau.

Saskatchewan distilleries make hand sanitizer instead of booze

Some Saskatchewan distilleries are putting together a spirited effort in combating the novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19.

Calgary distillers, brewer shift to producing hand sanitizer during outbreak

Calgary's distillers are either preparing to make hand sanitizer or are already producing the product in the midst of a pandemic that calls for clean hands.

Local heroes: Truckers 'shed a few tears' over free hot meals from Redcliff rest stop

When he was given a free, hot meal at a rest stop in Redcliff, truck driver Cord Gibson was two weeks into a particularly punishing haul — coffee, showers and hot meals had become scarce for truck drivers.

Long-distance couple make masks to stop COVID-19

A husband and wife team are working together to help those who need facemasks during the coronavirus pandemic — including in Iran.

Alberta businesses 'do their bit' in war against COVID-19

From the bicycle factories that became munitions plants to the soda fountain makers that started churning out parts for tanks, Canadian businesses in the 1940s rapidly — and sometimes ingeniously — adapted to meet the nation’s needs during the Second World War.

Minhas Breweries and Distilleries is producing hand sanitizer full time

A Calgary brewery and distillery has begun full-time production of hand sanitizer to help in the fight against COVID-19.

B.C. teen uses 3D printer to make face shields

In his backyard, tucked next to a plastic slide, Grade 12 student Sean Uy has turned a 3D printing hobby into a life-saving project.

More than 400 animals have been adopted amid pandemic: B.C. SPCA

More British Columbians than ever have been turning to pet adoption amid the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the B.C. SPCA. From March 23 to 27, during a half-price promotion, the SPCA saw 300 animals find their forever homes.

Coquitlam company retools, will be first in Canada to produce N95 respirators

The Coquitlam-based producer of pillows and dog beds is poised to become the first manufacturer of N95 respirators in Canada. Production of medical-grade surgical masks starts on Tuesday, and he anticipates production of N95 surgical respirator masks will begin within two weeks.

In striking act of generosity, Alberta donates protective gear worth $41 million to three provinces

“We want all of our country to know that in both good times and bad, Alberta is there for Canada,” said Premier Jason Kenney.

Easter Bunny added to B.C.’s list of essential workers

B.C. Premier John Horgan has expanded the province’s list of essential service workers to allow for special deliveries to be made over the coming weekend.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate donating $500,000 worth of chocolate across Canada

The Whistler, BC-founded company has announced it is donating more than $500,000 worth of handcrafted chocolates to non-profit organizations, frontline healthcare workers, at-risk individuals, and community groups across Canada.

B.C. secures motel, hotel rooms for COVID-19 shelter space

The B.C. government says it has identified more than 900 spaces for people living on the street or in communal shelters who need to self-isolate due to exposure or symptoms of COVID-19 coronavirus.

Calgary business collects 3,500 pounds of pet food, donations in 4 hours

Calgarians are well-known for their community spirit, and despite the novel coronavirus crisis, that spirit was extended to include pets Saturday. More than 3,500 pounds of pet food and donations were collected during a pet food drive on April 4 and delivered to the Calgary Food Bank.

Nanaimo’s Harmac mill working around the clock to create medical supplies

A Nanaimo mill is doubling its production to help create more medical supplies amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Levi Sampson, president of Harmac Pacific, said the roughly 300 workers at the mill have doubled production of medical-grade pulp, which is used to make surgical masks, gowns and other equipment.

South Surrey caterer aims to help feed hospital workers during pandemic

Sheila’s Catering Co. announced its Feeding Our Community campaign on Tuesday, saying the initiative came to life “once the fear, sadness and shock” that came with the devastating hit COVID-19 had on business wore off.

Calgary firefighters plan 'Drive-By Birthdays' to brighten mood during pandemic

Fire Chief Steve Dongworth says firefighters have already been delivering some birthday greetings outside homes with sirens and lights blaring. But he says the fire department has now formalized the practice through a new program called Drive-By Birthdays.

Family bond strengthened through mask-making

Firefighters from a B.C. First Nations economic development corporation will be wearing face masks handmade by a young girl. When she’s not watching YouTube videos, knitting or keeping busy with school work at home, 11-year old Seianna Harry of Williams Lake uses her mother’s sewing machine to make face masks.

-- Atlantic Canada --

McCain Foods donates 20 million pounds of potatoes to support Canadian food banks

“In this time of physical distancing, feelings of community and support are ever more important,” said Max Koeune, president and CEO of McCain Foods.

Halifax Company Providing Online Learning Material For Free

With schools closed all around the world, parents and teachers everywhere are worried about their children falling behind their studies, with no guarantee of when the classroom doors may open again. But a Halifax-based online learning company has decided to help fill the void by offering its services for free this spring.

‘I wanted to stand up’: Syrian refugee gives back to Nova Scotians during pandemic

Now, Jalab said he wants to support the community the way it has supported him. At first, he started picking up groceries for his sponsors in order to pay them back for their kindness. On Monday night, he decided he wanted to do more.

Stay tuned for more good news stories in Canada during the coronavirus pandemic!


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