Good News From Across Canada During the COVID-19 Emergency

Let’s take a look at some good news happening across Canada during the COVID-19 emergency, shall we?  

But first, let’s thank frontline and behind the scenes workers like our doctors, nurses, EMTs, grocery store workers, electricity crews, railway engineers, government officials, postal workers and so one and so forth for stepping up to the plate.

We commend you for working in high risk environments while many of us stay home and physically distance ourselves from one another. You are Canada’s heroes and we support you!

Here’s some of the most positive news stories coming out of Canada over the past several days. Spread the love!

Red Deer man turns on Christmas lights amid COVID-19 pandemic

Joe Hittel, an elderly man in Red Deer, Alberta, is turning on his Christmas lights to help people think in a lighter, more merrier mood during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Hopefully, it can help people think positive, instead of only thinking about the (COVID-19) virus, and spread some love around. It would be nice to see more of this. It’d be like Christmas in March.”

Joe is not the first to begin the Christmas light trend. Countless Canadians across the country are lighting up with the hopes of brightening up communities, including Mayor Peter Brown of Airdrie, Alberta, who had asked his residents to do the same to show community spirit.

Countries around the world are also spreading a message of love and hope with Christmas lights including Italy and the United States.

'You're not alone in this': Canadians are 'caremongering' through the COVID-19 pandemic

Of all the bad news created by the onset of coronavirus, the situation has inspired many Canadians to organize ‘caremongering’ groups to look after seniors and others who need assistance.

At least 35 groups across Canada are helping to hold our communities together with their volunteering.

Organizer Paula Toledo had an important message to broadcast in an interview with CTV:

"You're not alone in this, and if you can have the resources to reach out when you need help, and there are people there to respond and help you out in those times, I think we can make it through."

Another volunteer Andrea Picco shared why she’s decided to help out with the cause:

"If I'm going to the grocery store, if I’m going to the pharmacy, why not extend my services to these people -- let me bring back what you need.”

Thank you girls so much for your selflessness! You're amazing!

From window walks to balcony serenades, Canadians spread cheer during COVID-19 crisis

In Stoney Creek, Ontario, a nine-year-old named Erinn Webber is displaying artwork in the front windows of her home with the hopes of inspiring others.

Each day Erinn posts up a new picture with a theme that spreads love and happiness through images of flowers, rainbows, animals and encouraging words.

Both Erinn and her mother Lee-Ann are encouraging others to create and pin up artwork of their own to show support for the community at large.

Lee-Ann even started her own Facebook and Instagram accounts named “Brighten Our World With Art” so that others can participate too and have an online community to chat about it with.

Consider joining the trend and give them a follow online!

Victoria Distillery partners up with local business to give essential workers free hand sanitizer

Two local businesses in Victoria, B.C., Victoria Distillers and Nezza Naturals, are helping essential workers keep their hands germ free by producing hand sanitizer.

Peter Hunt and Sasha Prior both agreed it was a no brainer to do something like this in time of need.

Sasha, co-founder of Nezza, said his company had the bottles and other ingredients, but "...we needed alcohol. Peter Hunt walked into my store and said, ‘I have excess alcohol,’ and it couldn’t be more perfect.”

One distillation cycle creates enough alcohol to make 840 bottles of 60ml hand sanitizers. These two local businesses are giving this stuff away for free!

Coronavirus: Alberta distilleries make hand sanitizer amid COVID-19 pandemic

Grit City Distillery in Medicine Hat, Alberta, is just one Alberta company switching production to hand sanitizer to help the community in times of need.

Owner Jen Schmunk said she and her husband, Andy, want to help out in any way they can. As owners of a distillery, it’s one way they can have as much of a positive impact.

“Everyone is looking for hand sanitizer everywhere so instead of making alcohol, sanitizer is what the necessity is now, so we’re kind of changing up our priorities right now.”

Jen said her plans are to provide all of Medicine Hat with free hand sanitizer.

That’s over 60,000 people!

Labatt switching production to hand sanitizer to help fight COVID-19

A heart-warming story of how some businesses are adapting to provide the community with valuable goods in time of need.

On Twitter Labatt mentioned it would start off by producing 50,000 bottles ”…to support Food Banks Canada, front line workers and partners in the restaurant and bar industry. #COVID19”

Facilities in London, ON, Montreal, QC, Edmonton, AB, Vancouver, B.C. and Toronto, ON will produce it under established hand sanitizer guidelines set forth by the World Health Organization.

Coronavirus: Saskatchewan distilleries make hand sanitizer instead of booze

Stumbletown Distilling and Lucky Bastard (LB) Distillers in Saskatchewan are both making hand sanitizer as people are increasingly looking for ways to prevent themselves from getting coronavirus.

Michael Goldney commented “If I was to write a business model for getting into the hand sanitizer business, this wouldn’t be how to do it. We just really want to help out.

You’re right about that Michael! Thank you for your contribution!

Energy Company Buys up $10,000-worth of gift cards to keep coffee shop afloat

When measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 in Calgary came through, many businesses were hit hard, especially in the city centre.

Deville Coffee in the Calgary City Centre tower was one of them. Owner Cecile Lau was forced to close her shops and lay off eight staff as sales dropped by more than 80 per cent.

But the closing didn’t go unnoticed by loyal customers.

Despite tough times in Canada’s oil and gas sector, Serafine Energy committed to buying up $10,000 worth of gift cards from Deville, to be spent when doors are open again in the downtown core.

“We empathize and understand how the current scenario would be very impactful to your business and your family of staff.… We’d like to bridge the gap when you can return to operating again,” said Serafina president Chad Harris in an email sent to Lau.

“They think about us and care about us, even though they have their own problems.  said. “It’s really heart-warming someone who’s not related to you would do this,” said Lau.

“This also really shows how important the oil and gas industry is for all sorts of other businesses.”

How Kingston is doing good, staying connected during the coronavirus pandemic

Entire communities are doing their part to stay safe during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Canadians in the Kingston region of Ontario are too. They’ve found a number of ways to give back during a time of crisis, including:

Providing options food and drink, clothing, toiletries and other goods to those in need via Lionhearts Inc. The group has said it’s currently looking for volunteers.

Amaranth Stoneware is giving away free clay for kids to play with.

The city of Kingston has lifted all parking fees in the city centre and is providing free transit for a number of weeks

Queen’s medical students are offering free child care for health-care workers

SBT Comics is filling its empty game rooms with donations of non-perishable food items to disperse to those in need

Auto Service Kingston is buying gift cards from local restaurants to give away to customers

Toronto distillery producing hand sanitizer during coronavirus outbreak

Spirit of York in downtown Toronto is using alcohol from its facilities to produce germ-killing hand sanitizer.

The company is also making sure it follows strict guidelines set forth by the World Health Organization.

Bottles are selling for $3 a pop and proceeds will be donated to the local foodbank.

If you’re in the area and need some hand sanitizer, you can support two awesome community initiatives in a time of need with one purchase.

Calgary distillers, brewer shift to producing hand sanitizer during outbreak

Burwood Distillery and Skunkworks Distillery are two local companies in Calgary doing their part to battle coronavirus.

“We started making it this past weekend,” said Faye Warrington with Skunkworks. “It’s a fantastic use for distilled product that isn’t good enough to make the cut for our moonshine.”

Faye encouraged anyone to stop by a pick up a bottle if they need it.

Annex Ale Project has also chosen to help out by making sanitizer. It has partnered with two other local distilleries to make the product.

If you’re in need of hand sanitizer and local stores are short, check out one of these local companies!

Hotels in Niagara Falls are lighting up with hearts in solidarity with communities affected by coronavirus

Hotels in Niagra Falls are showing their support for communities battling the coronavirus pandemic by lighting up rooms in the shape of hearts.

Niagara Falls Tourism was quick to spread the message on March 22nd with a Facebook post, stating “Our hotels and casinos in Niagara Falls are lighting up glowing hearts as a sign of hope and solidarity. As a community, we are united on the fight to stop the spread of the virus."

Nice to see even hotels standing with our communities!

Coronavirus: Long-distance couple make masks to stop COVID-19

Despite being a world apart, Rasid Ahmed and Verdah are making masks to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

Rashid lives in Saskatoon while his wife Verdah remains in Iran waiting for a visa to be issued by the Canadian government.

Rashid has already begun making the masks and is looking for donations to support the initiative in Iran, where his wife is also making some.

According to Rashid, the family made 300 masks in just two days!

Stay tuned for more good news stories in Canada during the coronavirus pandemic!

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