Trans Mountain Pipeline's Final Stretch

The world needs more Canada

The much discussed Trans Mountain Pipeline (TMX) is now nearing its final stages of construction.

This pipeline will be the catalyst for Canada to start selling our oil to more customers around the world. We can all agree that maximizing the value of our resources is the smart thing to do.

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Official sources say the pipeline will be finished later this year, and fully operational shortly after that 1.

This project has a number of important benefits for Canada:

  • Additional energy transportation capacity - enabling future investment in our energy industry and creating 15,425 good paying jobs - for Canadian families.
  • Increased access to international markets - helping Canadians get better pricing for our energy - and helping our allies.
  • World-leading environmental protections 2.
  • Support from Indigenous communities.

Supporting Canada’s national economy:

TMX is going to provide critical energy transportation that will enable growth and investment in Canada’s oil and gas industry.

In order to best appreciate the significance of TMX, Canadians would benefit from being reminded of why our oil and gas industry is foundational to Canadian prosperity. 

There are hundreds of thousands of Canadians employed by the sector, and governments of all levels are gaining billions of dollars of tax revenues from the industry.

The relative importance of Canadian oil and gas compared to the rest of the Canadian economy must not be underestimated.

Each and every year, oil and gas is Canada’s single largest export 4, making it the largest positive contributor to our trade balance, which drives the value of our dollar and overall strength of our economy.

Oil is the #1 product that Canadians are selling to the rest of the world. Full stop. The capital and opportunities that it brings into our nation has far reaching benefits that improve the lives of every single Canadian from coast-to-coast. TMX is adding up 590,000 barrels per day of additional oil exporting capacity.2 That means Canadians will be able to benefit from potentially exporting hundreds of millions of additional barrels of oil to our overseas trading partners each year, supporting countless more jobs and generating billions of dollars of public revenues.

International Energy Leadership:

The world is experiencing a major energy crisis, and the whole world needs our responsibly produced oil and gas. However unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of the oil we are exporting is only going to the United States.4

While the world has been struggling to source responsibly produced oil and gas, Canada’s ability to rise to the challenge and meet the demand has been hindered by a lack of market access.

But this lack of access to international markets doesn’t just mean that Canadians are unable to help our international friends and allies power their economies, it also means that Canadians aren’t getting the best price possible for our precious natural resources.

As is true in all areas of business, having access to more customers means we would be able to sell our product for better prices.

TMX is going to help fill that gap.

Protecting Our Planet:

We all agree that protecting our planet and fighting against climate change is a top priority for Canadians and humanity as a whole. That is why Canada’s oil and gas producers are taking the issue head on, and continually innovating to reduce their impact on the planet while they produce the energy that is essential to Canada’s entire economy.

The TMX project is no exception. The pipeline is being built in line with Canada's world-leading environmental protections, and in many cases, it is going above and beyond. For example, the project is taking steps to ensure that its emissions are reduced,2 and TMX is pursuing a very ambitious land reclamation plans 2.

Indigenous Support

One of the most exciting features of this great economic opportunity is that it is being done in partnership with Canada’s Indigenous communities. The whole project was planned and initiated with extensive Indigenous involvement. That is why for the past several years, TMX has had the enthusiastic support of several Indigenous communities and leaders.

TMX is a win for Canada!





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