10 Reasons to Love Canadian Oil & Gas

10 Reasons to Love Canadian Oil & Gas

Why Love Canadian Oil and Gas

Why should you love Canadian oil and gas? At Canada Action, we've been saying that we love Canadian oil and gas for nearly a decade now, and for all the right reasons!

Here are 10 examples of why you should consider loving Canadian natural resources and the hard-working families who are part of these sectors, just like we do! Also see:

#1 – Generates Government Revenues

why I love canadian oil and gas - government revenues

Canada's oil and gas sector makes a substantial financial contribution to governments across the country, generating $505 billion in revenues between 2000 and 2019. In turn, these funds pay for schools, hospitals, roads, and the public sector jobs that make them all possible.

I think we can all appreciate the fact that oil and gas revenues support critical social services contribute immensely to the relatively high standard of living Canadians enjoy compared to our international peers.

#2 – Supplements National Prosperity

Between 1990 and 2019, the total value of Canada's merchandise exports nearly quadrupled from $151.8 billion to $598.2 billion. Over those three decades, the value of Canadian oil exports increased by more than 15 times, accounting for 14.1 per cent of our nation's total exports in 2019.

The net-positive trade balance created by crude oil and natural gas exports contributes immensely to our country's gross domestic product (GDP) and overall prosperity. We are extremely lucky to have such a wealth of resources which in turn supports the high quality of life Canadians enjoy.

#3 – Makes Everyday Products

Oil and gas are used to manufacture more than 6,000 products we use every day. All plastic, for example, is made from petroleum, and plastic is used almost everywhere: in computers, toys, houses, cars, and even clothing.

It's clear that oil and gas are instrumental in making our modern-day lives possible, something we can all be thankful for!

#4 – Heats Our Homes

why I love canadian oil and gas - heats our homes

In Canada, several million homeowners utilize natural gas to heat their homes and water. It makes sense; Canadian winters are typically long and harsh, and extremely cold to say the least.

Natural gas is used as a primary heating source for all provinces west of Quebec. The following are the percentages of primary heat generation via natural gas by province:

  • British Columbia – 58.1%
  • Alberta – 79%
  • Saskatchewan – 71.9%
  • Manitoba – 50.7%
  • Ontario – 67.2%

Homes in Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick also use natural gas as a primary source of heat, although on a much smaller ratio overall when compared to western Canadian provinces.

Millions of Canadian homeowners can be happy that we have an abundance of reliable natural gas to heat our homes during the cold winter season!

#5 – Improves Energy Security

Over the past few years, global events have highlighted the need for a more serious discussion around energy security. Canada, a major producer of oil and gas, could help alleviate energy security concerns for families here at home and around the globe.

Supporting Canadian oil and gas pipeline projects would mean we could provide eastern provinces that still import billions of dollars worth of oil and gas annually with more domestic supply. We could also provide global buyers with more energy, all from a stable and reliable source.

#6 – Decreases Global Emissions

why I love canadian oil and gas - supports 500,000 jobs

More Canadian energy on global markets is good for greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions. Just ask the researchers behind a study in the Journal Science, who found that if the world followed minimal Canadian gas flaring standards, GHGs from producing the average barrel of oil globally would drop by 23 per cent.

Canada's commitment to producing its oil and gas in the most sustainable ways possible means we should be a go-to supplier of choice, another huge reason to love Canadian oil and gas!

#7 - Reduces Global Poverty

For billions of people worldwide, having access to reliable and affordable energy would help drastically reduce poverty, improve health, increase productivity, and promote economic well-being.

Globally, 940 million people still do not have access to electricity, and there are billions more who consume less energy than the average American fridge does in a day. To add, about three billion people don't have access to clean cooking fuels which contributes to millions of deaths from household air pollution in impoverished countries every year.

With its vast wealth of natural resources, Canada could play an integral role in supplying oil and natural gas to the world and help reduce energy poverty in countries that need it the most.

#8 – Allows Travel & Vacations

why I love canadian oil and gas - used to make products

Without oil and gas, we would be stuck in the stone age. Vacations to far-away destinations would be non-existent as travelling to and from would just take too long.

For example, sailing on a Viking-made longboat from Norway to Canada would take approximately six weeks, and the journey would be perilous to say the least. How many of us would have the hardiness to endure such a trip without fossil fuel products is unknown.

Until airplanes, cruise ships and other forms of transportation exist that don't run on fossil fuels, we should be grateful for the opportunities hydrocarbons afford us.

#9 – Boosts Life Expectancy

For most of human history, it is estimated the global life expectancy at birth was between 20 to 30 years. Today, that figure is above 70 years of age.

Modern medicine and health science advancements over the past century have contributed immensely to the increased life expectancy rates seen around the world.

Where do such technologies come from? Many are derived from oil and gas, of course!

We love oil and gas because it loves us back by helping us live several decades longer than we have in the past. In turn, this also helps advance the human race by keeping some of our brightest and most influential minds around for longer.

#10 – Better for the World

Buying oil and gas from Canada instead of from other less transparent countries with weaker protections for human rights and the environment is a good cause. How so, you might ask?

Consider what government revenues in Canada are used for versus those generated by an industry in a less transparent producer somewhere else. Supporting Canadian oil and gas means supporting Canadian families while also generating revenues for governments that have long been strong proponents for the advancement of global democracy and human rights.

Canada is one of the most sustainable and ethical petroleum producers on the planet. As long as the world needs oil and gas, it should come from producers like Canada with a demonstrated commitment to reducing environmental impacts and protecting workers' rights.

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