Canada Action’s Best Blogs (2023)

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Canada Action has had yet another incredibly successful year, reaching millions of people across Canada through various campaigns with positive, fact-based, and non-partisan discussions on our world-class natural resources sector.

To celebrate, we’d like to share some of our top-performing blogs posted in 2023 that helped us reach countless Canadians from coast to coast to coast. Here are Canada Action’s top 12 blogs of 2023 in no particular order --- feel free to share with whomever you wish!

11 Quotes by First Nations Leaders in Support of LNG Projects

quotes by First Nations leaders in Canada in support of LNG export projects

Several Indigenous communities are looking to new LNG projects as a means of economic reconciliation. Apart from the economic benefits these projects will bring their people, they are also fully aware of the energy security and positive environmental implications of supporting a healthy LNG sector in British Columbia.

Here are several quotes showing widespread support from First Nations for LNG projects on Canada’s western shores, and why we should all support such developments.

What Critical Minerals are Found in Canada? You’d Be Surprised!


Canada is fortunate to boast a varied and extensive geological landscape with substantial mining resources. From the Canadian Cordillera in the west to the Appalachian region of the east, “critical” minerals that play an essential role in modern technologies and products are found in nearly every corner of the country.

With reserves of lithium, graphite, nickel, cobalt, copper, and rare earth elements, Canada has the potential to emerge as a significant global player for these increasingly sought-after natural substances. The Canadian government has identified 31 critical minerals and metals essential for developing sustainable economies domestically and internationally, 21 of which are already produced in Canada and with significant opportunities for further resource development.

Let Our Farmers Be Farmers – They Have the Know-How


Today, the world’s population is roughly 8 billion. It wasn’t so long ago that our planet had much less people on it, but medical, scientific and economic advances have led to exponential growth, particularly over the past century.

Regarding fertilizer – invented in 1913 by Fritz Haber – about half of the people in the world wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for this plant food. And now, we are increasingly in short supply of this critical substance, which helps feed roughly 4 billion people.

Nuclear Power a Solution to Emissions Reductions, Canada Can Lead the Way


The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai has now ended, with parties calling to accelerate the deployment of zero- and low-emission technologies such as nuclear and emission abatement/removal systems like carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) in a bid to advance global sustainability efforts.

This spells good news for Canada. Already a global leader in the production of all things nuclear – high-grade uranium, electricity generation, and innovative technologies – this is yet another opportunity for Canadians to support global sustainability efforts while reaping the economic benefits.

We Asked AI 10 Questions about Canadian Natural Resources. Here’s What It Said.


People everywhere are asking artificial intelligence (AI) all sorts of questions, making us very curious about what a discussion with AI on Canada's natural resources might look like. So, we jumped on the bandwagon and asked Chat GPT 4 questions about Canada’s natural resource sectors, and must admit are pretty impressed with the answers we got.

Here are the ten questions we asked the AI about Canadian natural resources. 

Hydropower in Canada: 15 Facts

hydropower in canada facts and statistics

Canada is a hydroelectricity powerhouse, today holding the title as a global leader in harnessing this renewable energy source. With its abundant water resources and vast landscapes, it is no surprise that Canada is the third-largest hydroelectricity producer in the world.

About 60 per cent of Canada's electricity comes from “waterpower,” which is utilized extensively in provinces and territories nationwide. From the near-ocean rivers in Nova Scotia to the iconic Niagara Falls in Ontario to the meandering mountain streams of British Columbia, Canada's hydropower use showcases its commitment to low-emission and sustainable energy solutions.

A Day in the Life of an Oil Sands Equipment Operator


One thing I would still love to see more Indigenous people hired, maybe an Indigenous supervisor or manager. But despite that, I am still incredibly grateful for the job opportunity I have in Canada’s world-class oil sands sector.

I end my workday in the oil sands with good conscience knowing that we are environmental leaders globally and our involvement with providing the world with the responsible and reliable energy it needs is always improving.

Look to Norway as Insipration for Championing Canadian Oil & Natural Gas


Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store stood up for his country’s use of fossil fuels last month at Climate Week NYC 2023, refusing to commit to a "phase-out" date while saying that there is not yet any alternative for maintaining households, economies, industry, and the poor.

Store went on to explain that changes in oil and natural gas use will have to come from the demand side, not from political decisions weighing down on supply.

What Natural Resources Does Canada Have in Abundance?


Crude oil, natural gas, minerals, metals, lumber, seafood, wind, water... you name it, chances are Canada has it. After all, it is the second-largest country in the world with an incredibly diverse array of landscapes and geology from coast-to-coast.

In Canada, natural resources such as oil, potash, uranium and wood are extracted to some of the world's highest environmental and labour standards. These extractive industries provide massive benefits to governments across the country through taxes and royalties while supporting millions of families through jobs and a variety of other opportunities.

3 Pragmatic Questions for Anti-Resource Development Activists


Canada Action is passionate about pursuing honest, fact-based and non-partisan discussions on natural resources and how they play a huge role in almost every aspect of our contemporary lifestyle. Part of those discussions involves asking anti-resource development activists to make sense of their stances on various topics, like we do through our blogs.

Below we have a handful of questions for anti-resource development activists in Canada that we would love to have an answer for, along with the reasons why we’re asking them.

Canada Ought to Support Its Own Workforce and Communities


The US capitalizes on its strength in energy infrastructure, and Canada struggles. So, for the CCPA to pitch so explicitly for US energy interests against a Canadian company seems to show that Canadian fossil fuel opponents will do what they can to derail Canada’s prosperity.

But there’s another headline making the rounds that’s worth a look, especially if you’re an advocate of Canada’s vital government programs like health care, education and housing (among many others). It’s an Edmonton Journal headline that provides important context for the sustainability argument.

Farming in Canada: The Facts (40 Infographics)


Farming in Canada is serious business! Like other natural resource sectors, the farming sector contributes massively to the livelihoods of Canadians in several direct and indirect ways.

Here are several facts on farming in Canada coupled with infographics in no particular order. We encourage you to download and share them with whoever you'd like!

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